Anuradha Raman
Anuradha Raman


  • 'How Can Literature Survive?'

    'All majoritarian groups feel emboldened. Many fascist groups in the nation desire to suppress free thought and expression. Thiruchencode has become a laboratory. What happens here will affect writers across the nation.'

    BY Anuradha Raman January 7, 2015

    'How Can Literature Survive?'
  • All Parts Darkness

    And now a protest and bandh in Tiruchengode, in Western Tamil Nadu, against a 2010 novel, set a century back, about consensual sex outside of marriage

    BY Anuradha Raman January 7, 2015

    All Parts Darkness
  • AAP: Five Achievements

    As verdict 2013 rolls out, what has the broom, that has mauled the waving hand and stopped the lotus from completely blooming, achieved in Delhi?

    BY Anuradha Raman December 7, 2013

    AAP: Five Achievements
  • No, Minister

    The Prasar Bharati CEO shoots off an angry, no-holds-barred letter to the I&B minister Manish Tewari, telling him where he gets off

    BY Anuradha Raman September 25, 2013

    No, Minister
  • Is Night Time The Right Time?

    Much din has been created about the I&B ministry's directive to shift the telecast of The Dirty Picture from 12 noon to after 11 pm. Perhaps it's time for a little perspective.

    BY Anuradha Raman April 24, 2012

    Is Night Time The Right Time?
  • Bundelkhand Diary

    Despite impoverishment beyond imagination, caste and religion are strong emotive factors here that the issue of development will find difficult to dislodge

    BY Anuradha Raman February 16, 2012

    Bundelkhand Diary
  • Bundelkhand Buzz

    'Once they come to power they will behave responsibly,' he says. 'People don't really mean what they say during elections...'

    BY Anuradha Raman February 14, 2012

    Bundelkhand Buzz
  • Quick Fix Solutions

    Soul searching? Hardly. The "emergency protocol" that some news channels rolled out in a hurry is just a pithy reconstruction of a code that the government itself had put together two years ago. Why the hysteria then? And why the hurried embrace now?

    BY Anuradha Raman December 18, 2008

    Quick Fix Solutions