October 20, 2020

Anupreeta Das

  • Rainbow Shining
    Rainbow Shining

    The Congress takes to the art of running a coalition, while steering clear of constitutional improprieties

  • G Whiz's Brain Bank
    G Whiz's Brain Bank

    Political grooming begins early for the Gandhi scion, courtesy a core of young pros

  • Watt's The Good Word
    Watt's The Good Word

    Uttaranchal villagers learn to harness an existing resource to light up their lives

  • Between The Degrees That Divide
    Between The Degrees That Divide

    Children of gardeners, drivers or domestic help can now contemplate a career of their choice

  • A Little More Babysitting
    A Little More Babysitting

    Alas, gerontocracy continues. Young MPs wait to acquire some gray.

  • The One Who Stayed
    The One Who Stayed

    Naveen Patnaik fights incumbency to storm back to power. The alternative may have scared off voters.

  • Hold Back The Waves
    Hold Back The Waves

    Across the nation, her abdication has even cynics rooting for Soni

  • Lunch Break's Up
    Lunch Break's Up

    A Supreme Court judgement will now regulate private schools in Delhi in order to reduce the rich-poor divide

  • Crash Test Dummies
    Crash Test Dummies

    An unscrupulous chain of doctors and pharma firms are making a 'killing' in a mockery of clinical trials

  • The Bappi Jhappi Mela
    The Bappi Jhappi Mela

    TV screens are the battlefields. Spin doctors, the cure. Where's the good 'ol election fever gone?

  • Gypsy Feet Keep Dancing
    Gypsy Feet Keep Dancing

    Two friends bound by muscular dystrophy take up the cause of unhindered mobility

  • On Bloody Pavilions
    On Bloody Pavilions

    Dalit youths in this UP village win a game of cricket but lose lives in the caste war

  • No One Asked The Musk Deer
    No One Asked The Musk Deer

    The Black Buck stops here. So do the river dolphin, the snow leopard and other kin of the wild, doomed to...

  • India: Use Me
    India: Use Me

    1,00,000 tonnes of toxic waste a year, India's a health disaster waiting to happen

  • Par For The Cause?
    Par For The Cause?

    Having five women CMs may not automatically mean success for the feminist movement

  • The Twirled Moustache
    The Twirled Moustache

    Jogi is hit badly as voters perceive his hand in the 'distasteful' Judeo exposé Updates

  • Tomb Raiders
    Tomb Raiders

    Heritage conservation in India is a noisy Babel, and history and its many signposts are the worst victims

  • The Semi-Final Spin
    The Semi-Final Spin

    BJP frets for Delhi, but will pull strings in post-poll Mizoram

  • Alone In The City
    Alone In The City

    Delhi shows lesser rapes than London or New York only because social stigma and the lack of a proactive...

  • All-Weather Umbrella
    All-Weather Umbrella

    An online database boosts reaction time to calamities

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