June 14, 2021

Amit Baruah

  • NL Diary
    NL Diary

    A white, boat-shaped temple marks the gateway to North Lakhimpur town, on the north bank of the Bra­hmaputra...

  • What The Romans Do
    What The Romans Do

    Italy has delivered an insult. It shouldn’t be taken lying down.

  • Peace Won’t Break Out
    Peace Won’t Break Out

    Restraint, not righteous retribution, is the need of the hour

  • 438 Kms Of Mileage
    438 Kms Of Mileage

    As bus rides go, this one, through Gujarat, was monochromatic

  • Hampi Diary
    Hampi Diary

    Trying to get information about Hampi in Hampi is a tall order. Not the tourism office but the ASI was to be...

  • Mhow Diary
    Mhow Diary

    For most people, it’s just an acronym. The better informed might ask: “Isn’t that the birthplace of...

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