October 25, 2020

Alok Rai

  • Down The Invisible Stream
    Down The Invisible Stream

    Allahabad acquired its cultural iconicity in the spaces of the colonial public sphere, embodied in cafes,...

  • Maximum Grotesquerie In Purple
    Maximum Grotesquerie In Purple

    Nagarkar’s prose, both authorial and in the attributed “free indirect”, is unrelentingly flaccid and...

  • The Light From The Centre
    The Light From The Centre

    Pamuk’s poetics of the novel is informed by his craft and a ‘non-western’ specificity

  • The Shah Of Blah Coils A Cheery Orchard Yarn
    The Shah Of Blah Coils A Cheery Orchard Yarn

    The narrative skein of Rushdie’s new tale blazes with energy and adventure, with glimpses of adult concern

  • The Pleasure Seekers
    The Pleasure Seekers

    The novel as a whole seems to have been assembled in a prolonged fit of inattention

  • Must We Dream Of India In English?
    Must We Dream Of India In English?

    Our misguided faith in this ‘Globish-Inglish’ hides a vile elitism

  • Light, Grave
    Light, Grave

    A wonderfully engaging example of the fact that despite the hype surrounding the novels-with-large-advances,...

  • Parallel Lines Converge
    Parallel Lines Converge

    Agha Shahid Ali’s poetic persona embraced modernist reticence as well as the cacophony of Indic traditions

  • Looted Filigree
    Looted Filigree

    It isn't every day that one comes across a book that one can commend so unreservedly: a swift, elegant tale...

  • Fluid Tales
    Fluid Tales

    We get sharply etched events, but no underlying fabric of realism. And the two parts of the novel are in...

  • Old Edifices
    Old Edifices

    Majeed is particularly good on the dialectic of khudi and bekhudi—selfhood and selflessness—in Iqbal's...

  • And So The Qawwali Meets The Meera Bhajan
    And So The Qawwali Meets The Meera Bhajan

    Don't be distracted by his novelist reputation; Amit Chaudhuri proves to be an incisive cultural critic

  • Saga Of Marichjhapi
    Saga Of Marichjhapi

    A sultry landscape in fascinating detail, where dreams rise and die to the rhythm of the tide

  • Roman A Cleft
    Roman A Cleft

    There are many good things here, even if not all are exactly new—but Kumar is a talented reader, too.

  • Arise, Paper Tiger
    Arise, Paper Tiger

    Resurrecting the all-too-familiar battle of our historical establishment

  • A Back Home History
    A Back Home History

    A bold attempt to invent a full, enabling literary tradition for the IWE

  • That Magical Tapwater
    That Magical Tapwater

    A transmogrifying Rushdie still hits familiar tunes in a realigned world

  • Borrowed Iambs
    Borrowed Iambs

    Chaudhuri has been able to persuasively represent a deservedly neglected domain.

  • Seeing A Horizon
    Seeing A Horizon

  • The Occasional Muse
    The Occasional Muse

    Perhaps the editors need a few more years for proof-reading?

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