June 19, 2021

Akhilesh Upadhayay

  • A Welcome Respite
    A Welcome Respite

    The Nepali Congress' comeback ends the uncertain coalition era

  • Nepal

  • In Dark Waters
    In Dark Waters

    Domestic politics puts Kalapani at the centre of a border dispute

  • Volatile Triangle
    Volatile Triangle

    With the war of words escalating, the geostrategic balance between India, Pakistan and China hangs by a thread

  • Beyond Belief
    Beyond Belief

    The Hindu kingdom's reaction to India's BJP regime is muted

  • Crisis After Crisis
    Crisis After Crisis

    With Deuba's fall, the search for a stable government goes on

  • Defeat In Victory
    Defeat In Victory

    Deuba scrapes through the second no-confidence vote in a year

  • The Queen's Unpaid Army
    The Queen's Unpaid Army

    After some 200 years on the frontline, Gurkhas in the British Army demand just wages for blood

  • A Barrage Too Far?
    A Barrage Too Far?

    The landmark Mahakali treaty gets entangled in Nepal's politics

  • Nepal: Hindu Hopes, Royal Expectations Too
    Nepal: Hindu Hopes, Royal Expectations Too

  • Opportunist Politics At Work
    Opportunist Politics At Work

    Communists take advantage of a factional rift threatening the six-month-old ruling coalition of Sher Bahadur...

  • A New Warpath Shines
    A New Warpath Shines

    Shades of Peru creep in with radical guerrillas declaring war

  • Moving Beyond Rhetoric
    Moving Beyond Rhetoric

    The new pact on the Tanakpur Barrage adds another dimension to bilateral understanding

  • Long Live The King
    Long Live The King

    A public espousal of democracy makes the world's only Hindu monarch a man of the masses

  • Ominous Rumbles
    Ominous Rumbles

    Hindu-Muslim riots, a rare occurrence, rock Nepalgunj

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