October 27, 2020

Ajit Bhattacharjea

  • Nib Of Issues
    Nib Of Issues

    After reading Alok Mehta’s analysis of the dirt in the media, ‘keeping it clean’ seems...

  • Garden Of Miasma
    Garden Of Miasma

    Tulips and tourists aren't enough. Kashmir still looks and feels 'occupied'.

  • Westminster Folly
    Westminster Folly

    Jayaprakash Narayan, who doesn't even find a mention in this book, provided a deeper insight into the future,...

  • Hack's Eye View
    Hack's Eye View

    The value of this book lies in the first-person accounts of the frustrations and achievements of journalists...

  • Among Skycreepers
    Among Skycreepers

  • In Search Of A Lost Revolution
    In Search Of A Lost Revolution

    The corrupt Indian democracy would do good to remember JP's ideals on his birth centenary

  • The Friendly Match
    The Friendly Match

    Perhaps the time has come for New Delhi to approach Musharraf as a possible ally in a joint war against...

  • First, The Third Option
    First, The Third Option

    Sheikh Abdullah had discussed independence with American diplomats. But he remained opposed to the idea of...

  • Return Of History
    Return Of History

  • I Witness
    I Witness

  • In Kambuja Desa
    In Kambuja Desa

  • Restoring Letter And Spirit
    Restoring Letter And Spirit

    To show their sincerity, New Delhi has to admit that the promise of granting J&K special status has not...

  • The Politics Of Softness
    The Politics Of Softness

    Propagating notions of a ‘soft state’ by the saffron hardliners is designed at altering...

  • Original Sin
    Original Sin

  • My Bomb Your Bomb
    My Bomb Your Bomb

    Effective demolition, but one which fails to blame everyone

  • Grapes Of Patriotism
    Grapes Of Patriotism

    We will lose credibility if our Bal Thackerays promote suspicions about Muslim loyalty to India

  • The Nuke's Blunted Edge
    The Nuke's Blunted Edge

    As feared, nuclear parity has negated the Indian armed forces' superiority in conventional arms over Pakistan.

  • Hall Of The Infamous
    Hall Of The Infamous

    Thakur makes the dark history of India's leadership even darker

  • In A Wounded Idyll
    In A Wounded Idyll

    Nothing in its landscape suggests the ferment Assam is in. Yet resentment simmers.

  • Shifty, Uncertain Steps
    Shifty, Uncertain Steps

    Diplomats will have a hard time explaining our shifting posture on CTBT. We will have to counter the...

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