Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Woody Allen Plans To Shoot His Last Movie In France

Hollywood filmmaker Woody Allen will begin working on his 50th film, also apparently his last, in Paris with a French cast.

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Legendary filmmaker-writer Woody Allen has plans of shooting his next movie in Paris for which some French actors have been approached. The auteur shared plans of his Paris movie while promoting the French release of his 2020 film 'Rifkin's Festival', reports Variety.

The New York-based director told the French newspaper Le Journal Du Dimanche that he was aiming to relocate to Paris in September to lens his next project which he said will be a French-language movie with a local cast.

According to Variety, while Allen said he was able to find the financing in the US but didn't give any further detail, a source close to the project said the financing was not yet in place. The cast will be confirmed once the financing is locked and shooting dates confirmed. The budget is in the $10 million range.

Variety quoted Allen saying that the story of the film will be "in the same vein as 'Match Point,' a sort of poisonous romantic thriller.

He further said, "I kept a wonderful souvenir of the filming of 'Midnight in Paris' in 2010. I love this city very much and I've visited it often, discovering magical places every time." He revealed that his daughter Manzie Tio was currently on the shoot of 'Emily in Paris' in the French capital. Allen won an Oscar for the best original screenplay with Midnight in Paris in 2011.

Reiterating what he had told Alec Baldwin in an interview on the actor's Instagram account, Allen said he was considering ending his directing career after this next movie. "This will be my 50th feature. It might be the last one," said the 86-year-old director.

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