July 13, 2020
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'What Has Happened To The 15 Summits Held So Far?'

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'What Has Happened To The 15 Summits Held So Far?'

My party welcomed the initiative taken by the hon. Prime Minister to invite General Parvez Musharraf. The relations between Indian and Pakistan have acquired significance over the last 50 years for peace in the region. Everybody is talking that the Agra Summit has been a failure. If it is a failure, what has happened to the 15 summits held so far?

This is a continuous process and the Agra Summit is also a part of that. India’s regard and commitment for peace and friendly relations with all the neighbouring countries are well established. We are always ready for negotiations with the neighbouring countries.

The cross-border terrorism is a vital thing. We have to condemn it. We have to stop cross-border terrorism at any cost. There are different issues. Kashmir is a core issue for Pakistan. Cross-border terrorism is a core issue for us.

There are so many other bilateral issues which can be negotiated. My party has even welcomed proposal for the invitation given by Gen. Musharraf and accepted by the Prime Minister. We have to continue the bilateral talks with Pakistan. We have to maintain peace in the South Asian Region.








































































































































































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