August 13, 2020
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'We Should March Towards Lahore And Unfurl Our Tricolour There'

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'We Should March Towards Lahore And Unfurl Our Tricolour There'

It is a sensitive issue. The hon. Prime Minsiter has discussed it in detail in his speech. We all know what type of relations we have with our neighbouring country and to bring some changes in these relations, to improve the situation, the Government has made some efforts.

We all know that Pakistan has tried to destabilise our economy and disintegrate the country through ISI. Our Prime Minister visited Pakistan by bus with an intention to improve the relations with Pakistan. But it resulted in Kargil war. Of course we won that war. I feel that the circumstances were not such that we try to improve our relations with Pakistan. We said that we would not like to hold talks with Pakistan till it clears his stand on terrorism.

I do not think that Pakistan has ever expressed its willingness for holding talks. We invited Pakistan for talks and Pakistan accepted that offer but after that President Musharraf has given different statements in media and our media has given it top priority. We remain silent in the name of autonomy. This is the weakness of the Government and it failed to control media.

General Musharraf of Pakistan gives a statement that Kashmir would be the main issue for talks. We said that no agreement would be signed against the Constitution. The talks would be held mainly on terrorism and other issues and Kashmir is the integral part of India. In such circumstances, how can an agreement can be reached?

We should understand his intention. He wanted to encourage separatism in Kashmir to appease fundamentalists in Pakistan and to take recognition from India after occupying the post of President. He said Hurriyat are the real representatives of Kashmir. What is the use of holding talks in such circumstances?

I congratulate the Prime Minister to continue our tradition of giving message of peace to the world. We should make an assessment as to what we have lost and what we have gained. As regards the proposed visit of our hon. Prime Minister to Pakistan, we are not against it.

However, I would like to say that if the talks at Foreign Secretary and Foreign Minister level fail and also if there is no consensus on any formula, the hon. Prime Minister should not visit Pakistan.

Finally, I would submit that in the interest and in the honour of the nation, we should neither give autonomy to anybody in the name of security of borders, nor should we compromise on such points.

Pakistan is inciting secessionism in our country and thus hitting our economy and trying to disintegrate the nation by spreading its tentacles in villages through the ISI and if Pakistan continues to ignore our gestures, the time is not far when we should march towards Lahore and unfurl our tricolour there.

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