January 22, 2021
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The Truth Should Be Brought Before The Country'

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The Truth Should Be Brought Before The Country'

It is a serious issue that deserves to be discussed seriously. Certain invisible elements have been referred to have worked during the talks. It has been disclosed by Pakistani President Mushraff on his return to Pakistan. Who were those elements?

The truth should be brought before the country. It should also be told whether the statement by Mushraff saheb is true or false. Our Samajwadi Party and the social movement have always been in favour that talks should continue to be held between India and Pakistan. We are also in favour of it that our Prime Minister holds talks with Pakistan in Islamabad, however we have to take all precautions. This is because the Pakistan has been waging wars against India for the last 54 years. We know it that Pakistan has been defeated whenever the war was waged.

However, we have always failed in talks that we held with Pakistan. Former Defence Minister has been appointed to hold talks to find a solution of Kashmir problem. While he was holding talks in Srinagar, Laddakh or Jammu, the invitation letter for talks was sent to Pakistan. Hence it should be made clear that what were the circumstances that led this Government to invite him in hurry.

Mushraff saheb has hinted that the talks were held under some pressure from the foreign countries. We have no objection to it if a country helps to establish friendship between the two countries. But we are never in favour of mediation by a third party. So far as the friendship is concerned, we appreciate the fact that the friendship is must between the two country for the sake of prosperity of the two people.

This friendship between India and Pakistan is all the more necessary in view of the fact that we have been culturally the one people and India is a big and strong country. This fact is also regrettable that while the Pakistani delegates were talking in their own language, we were speaking in English. It is not a good thing that we falter on this account.

The people of both the countries want solidarity and we are not against it. Pakistani President stated unless Kashmir issue is solved, there would be all possibility of a war. Our Government should have made it clear that the talks would not focus on the core issue of Kashmir alone.

It is a fact that we released 90 thousand Pakistani prisoners of war while they have still in their custody 54 or 100 Indian prisoners and we have failed to get them released so far. This is the biggest failure on our part. In the backdrop of talks the kith and kins of those prisoners had a hope that has been dashed to the ground. We may not make blunders if we learn lessons from our past follies.

The attack on the Amarnath pilgrims by the terrorists is an act that deserves to be condemned and these attacks are tarnishing the glorious civilization and culture of the Kashmir. Our Government has totally failed to rein in terrorists. It is a matter of shame for us that our jawans lay down their lives for the country and the President of a country claims that the Pakistani army was withdrawn by his good offices.

This Government also took the mileage of Kargil war during the elections. The truth should be brought before the country whether Clinton is speaking truth or this Government. Even a book has been brought out in this regard. Aspersions are being cast on the sacrifices made by our jawans. Pakistani President says in his Press Conference that the people fighting for freedom in Kashmir are doing what Muktivahini Sena did in 1971. Such statements are misleading the people of both the countries.

40 per cent territory of Kashmir is still under illegal occupation of Pakistan. Should we not bring this fact before the world? This Government needs to highlight this fact that Pakistan is illegally occupying 40 per cent territory of our Kashmir.

It is unfortunate that whosoever has been in power in Pakistan whether a dictator or democratically elected person has been working under the pressure from the extremist forces there. However, the head of the Government in Pakistan, a dictator or democratically elected well know this fact that the Kashmir cannot be grabbed by force. We have to rise above narrow consideration.

We can find a solution to this problem only after we adopt open-minded approach. The Government have to hold talks and to ensure the security of the borders. Our foreign policy supports democratic system. The foreign policy of India had been formulated by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia under the leadership of Pt. Nehru and Gandhiji.

No agenda was prepared for Agra Summit. We advised you to tell Pakistan that Indo-Pak problem cannot be solved by force. It can be solved through negotiations only. But the talks cannot be held at the cost of prestige of the country. The Government should tell the world that Pakistan has to give back part of Kashmir occupied by it. I hope that the Government will hold talks with full preparation in future because no preparation was made for Agra Summit and media was not able to help you in any manner. Agra Summit was a total failure and it was a diplomatic failure also.

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