February 21, 2020
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'The Summit Was A Failure, A Total Failure'

'The Summit Was A Failure, A Total Failure'

Before the Summit, there was this declaration that unless cross-border terrorism was stopped, no talks could take place. But suddenly the Government changed their mind.

I am of the opinion that whatever may be the earlier thinking, the initiative taken by the hon. Prime Minister is a welcome one. But what is the outcome? The Summit was a failure, a total failure.

It was a failure because there was no concrete proposal and there was no concrete perspective; we did not come to frame even an agenda for that great Summit. We did not have different options to propose in the Summit or Declaration.

Our Government has failed to maintain coordination within the Council of Ministers. We have failed in respect of Media also. The process of interaction, the process of dialogue should not be stopped. There is no alternative.

This is the expectation of not only the peace loving people of our country but this is also the public opinion. The peace loving people of not only the two great countries but also all the countries of SAARC welcomed the Summit. But Pakistan made Kashmir to be the sole issue.

Our Prime Minister should go with adequate preparation and should continue the peace process.

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