August 13, 2020
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'Talks Failed As There Was No Basis Of Talks'

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'Talks Failed As There Was No Basis Of Talks'

Speeches given today are quite opposite to the views expressed in the meeting of all party leaders held prior to Agra Summit. Congress party says that Shimla Agreement and Lahore Agreement should be treated as basis for any dialogue between the two countries.

All leaders said that cross border terrorism should be our core issue. We should also talk to Pakistan to get our POWs released from prison there. Communist Party leader said that we should also talk about poverty, starvation, unemployment, trade matters etc.

Then it was said that Kashmir is a part of India and we should not talk to Pakistan even for giving an inch of Kashmir to them. We should not concede on this point. We should also talk to Pakistan about the condition of Gurudwaras and temples there. Thus we reached consensus on all these issues.

I want to know the single issue out of these which has not been raised by the Prime Minister. This Government did not surrender on any issue of the agenda and it has happened for the first time. Ours is the first Prime Minister in last 50 years who did not concede to Pakistan’s terms.

During the summit, President of Pakistan acted against international protocol. He was told to avoid a meeting with Hurriyat Conference, but he went ahead with it. He did not invite Maharaja Karan Singh, Dr. Farooq Abdullah or any other elected representative of Jammu and Kashmir.

That is why, all constituents of the NDA boycotted the tea party. If President Musharraf considers Hurriyat as the only representative of the people of J & K and invites them to the tea party, it is not fair.

The Pakistani President termed the terrorists operating in Kashmir as freedom fighters. But these terrorists have been committing grave atrocities on the innocent people and indulging in ruthless murders.

All hideouts of terrorists in Pakistan must be attacked and destroyed. It is regrettable that the Opposition, instead of launching an scathing attack on Pakistan, is criticising this Government.

I think that the talks failed as there was no basis of talks. As regards Pak Occupied Kashmir, President Musharraf was told in clear terms that if Kashmir was the core issue, then we shall have to go further into the core of this core issue.

However, the biggest achievement of this summit is that the Pakistan has realised for the first time that while having a dialogue with India, it cannot make our country succumb to its own terms. For this, our hon. Prime Minister deserves congratulation.

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