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MS Dhoni's 2011 World Cup Final Bat Is The Most Expensive Ever - Check How Much Is It Worth

The world's most expensive cricket bat costs a cool INR 83 lakh, and it's the one India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni used in the 2011 World Cup final

The money raised was reportedly used for the development of MS Dhoni’s wife’s charitable organisation – Sakshi Foundation

On a fateful day, exactly ten years ago, Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit probably the most famous six to help India win their second Cricket World Cup in Mumbai. Needing four runs from 11 balls against Sri Lanka, Dhoni lofted a Nuwan Kulasekara delivery. (More Cricket News)

While Ravi Shastri immortalized the iconic moment from the com box, "Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lift the World Cup after 28 years," Dhoni savoured the moment, standing there in the centre for a fleeting moment, with his bat raised. At that moment, he owned the world.

MS Dhoni after hitting the 2011 World Cup-winning six. File photo.

That bat, months later, would fetch a record sum of 100,000 pounds (for some INR 83 lakh) during an auction at the M.S Dhoni’s ‘East Meets West’ Charity Dinner in London, UK on July 18, 2011.

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And it subsequently entered the Guinness World Records for the most expensive cricket bat. The bat was bought by RK Global Share and Securities LTD, an investment group.

On its official site, Guinness World Records wrote: "The most expensive cricket bat was Mahendra Singh Dhoni's bat sold at auction for £100,000 ($161,295), bought by R K Global Shares & Securities Ltd (India), at the M.S Dhoni’s ‘East Meets West’ Charity Dinner, in London, UK, on 18 July 2011. The bat was used by Mahendra Singh Dhoni in World Cup 2011 finals on 2 April 2011 art Wankhede Stadium at hit the winning shot."

The money raised was reportedly used for the development of MS Dhoni’s wife’s charitable organisation – Sakshi Foundation.


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