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IPL 2020: Kane Williamson, Jason Holder Help Sunrisers Hyderabad Knock Out Royal Challengers Bangalore - Highlights

Sunrisers Hyderabad to play Delhi Capitals in virtual semifinal on Sunday. Winners will play Mumbai Indians in final on Nov 10

IPL 2020: Kane Williamson, Jason Holder Help Sunrisers Hyderabad Knock Out Royal Challengers Bangalore - Highlights
Sunrisers Hyderabad's Kane Williamson, Jason Holder helped their side defeat Royal Challengers Bangalore in Abu Dhabi on Friday. BCCI

Jason Holder's all-round show and Kane Williamson's solid unbeaten fifty helped Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by six wickets in the IPL Eliminator here on Friday. (LIVE SCORES | FIXTURES & RESULTS | NEWS)

Holder first led SRH's brilliant bowling effort with figures of 3 for 25 to restrict batting-heavy RCB to a modest 131 for seven before he and Williamson steered SRH past the target with two balls to spare. Williamson (50 not out off 44) played a composed knock and together with Holder (24 nout off 20) shared 65 runs for the unbroken fifth wicket to take SRH home after early hiccups. SRH play Delhi Capitals in the Qualifier 2 on Sunday for a place in the final while the RCB were knocked out of the tournament.

SRH didn't have the best of starts losing Sreevats Goswami early. Skipper David Warner (17) didn't last long, edging one to AB de Villiers behind the stumps off Mohammed Siraj. Manish Pandey (24) and Priyam Garg (7) too failed to rise to the occasion as they departed in quick succession.
But then, Williamson and Holder joined hands and played sensibly. They initially kept SRH in the hunt before accelerating towards the end to take their side home.
Brief Scores:
Royal Challengers Bangalore: 131 for 7 in 20 overs (AB de Villiers 56, Aaron Finch 32; Jason Holder 3/25, T Natarajan 2/33).
Sunrisers Hyderabad: 132 for 4 in 19.4 overs (Kane Williamson 50 not out, Jason Holder 24 not out; Mohammed Siraj 2/28).

11:30 PM IST: What a masterclass from Kane (Williamson), he's done it for years for New Zealand. With the class of batting line up they had, you obviously knew there was something in that wicket with the new ball holding. You had to wait for the ball to be overpitched. The spinners bowled quite slow- Warner after the match

11:24 PM IST: If you talk about the first innings, I don't think we had enough on the board already. The position we got ourselves in the second half, probably better execution...a game of margins. We just didn't have enough runs on the board in my opinion- Kohli after the match.

11:00 PM IST:  Siraj into the attack amd Holder slashes it over vacant third man and now SRH are in the match. Williamson now picks up 3 runs of a Ramp shot.

SRH 123/4 (19 ) Kane Williamson 49, Holder 16,  Need 9 in 6 balls

10:53 PM IST:  Saini into the attack; Devdutt takes a catch but can't complete it as momentum takes him over the rope.  Devdutt tosses it in but can't complete the ctach but saves 5 runs; Kane Williamson gets it for a FOUR!!!!. Opens the face of the bat and it runs down through third man.

SRH 114/4 (18) Kane Williamson 45, Holder 11,  Need 18 in 12 balls

10:43 PM IST:  Shivam Dube comes into the attack. FOUR!!!! Kane Williamson is now getting into the act. Cracks it through covers. No chance for the fielders in the deep. 

SRH 104/4 (17) Kane Williamson 37, Holder 9,  Need 28 in 18 balls

10:41 PM IST:  It's last over for Chahal; Hist last ball for a SIX!!!! 10 runs of the over

SRH 97/4 (16) Kane Williamson 32, Holder 7,  Need 35 in 24 balls

10:35 PM IST:  Zampa into the attack. It's his last over and SRH need quick runs.

SRH 87/4 (15) Kane Williamson 23, Holder 5,  Need 45 in 30 balls

10:33 PM IST:  Sundar comes to the attack. A SIX!!!! after such a long time. Sundar bowls a length and Williamso slogs it over midwicket. First boundary after 25 balls. Next ball Kane picks up three runs.

SRH 81/4 (14) Kane Williamson 21, Holder 2,  Need 51  in 36 balls

10:28 PM IST:  Moeen Ali into the attack. gives away 4 runs

SRH 72/4 (13) Kane Williamson 13, Holder 1,  Need 60  in 42 balls

10:23 PM IST:  Chahal into the attack now. Gets a WICKET!!! few quiet overs and SRH were looking for runs. Chahal loops it and gives it air. Priyam Garg c Zampa b Chahal

SRH 68/4 (12) Kane Williamson 7,  Need 64 in 48 balls

10:19  PM IST:  Adam Zampa into the attack now. Spinners doing a good job for RCB. 4 runs from it

SRH 64/3 (11) Kane Williamson 7,  Priyam Garg 6, Need 68 in 54 balls

10:15 PM IST:  Chahal to bowl the 10th. 5 runs of the over

SRH 60/3 (10) Kane Williamson 6,  Priyam Garg 4, Need 72 in 60 balls

10:11 PM IST:  Adam Zampa gets Manish Pandey c Ab de Villiers  for 24. The ball stayed low as Pandey tries to cut it. AB de Villiers took a good low catch.

SRH 55/3 (9) Kane Williamson 5,  Priyam Garg 0, Need 77 in 66 balls

10:08 PM IST:  Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack. 5 runs of the over

SRH 54/2 (8) Kane Williamson 4 , Manish Pandey 24, Need 78 in 72 balls

10:05 PM IST:  Adam Zampa into the attack. RCB are now pumped up.

SRH 49/2 (7) Kane Williamson 1 , Manish Pandey 22, Need 83 in 78 balls

9:58 PM IST:  Mohd Siraj into the attack but David Warner cracks 1st FOUR slashed through covers, Next width and cut hard by Warner. But now RCB appeal but given not out by onfield umpire. RCB review Warner has nicked one to keeper as per thrid umpire . Warner is not happy, few words exchanged. RCB wanted him and get it. It will be a controversial decision and something that can have a bearing on the match

SRH 48/2 (6) David Warner c AB b Siraj 9 , Manish Pandey 22, Need 84 in 84 balls

9:48  PM IST:  Washington Sundar into the attack. Manish Pandey gets cracking a FOUR!! of the 1st ball. Pandey and Kohli exchanged a few words and since then Pandey has been finding boundaries. 3rd ball goes for a FOUR!!! past mid-off. 12 runs of the over.

SRH 35/1 (5) David Warner 9, Manish Pandey 22, Need 97 in 90 balls

9:41  PM IST:  Nitin Saini into the attack and Manish Pandey again attacks the first ball. Shivam Duba dives but misses the catch and ball rolls on for a FOUR!!! Manish now cracks the last ball for a FOUR!!!!! through covers

SRH 23/1 (4) David Warner 3, Manish Pandey 17

9:37 PM IST:  Siraj now has the responsibility to keep things tidy and maintain the pressure. Gets an inside egde of Manish Pandey on to the pads, half appeals from RCB. Manish Pandey gets a short ball and pulls it for a SIX!!!.

SRH 13/1 (3) David Warner 2, Manish Pandey 8

9:33 PM IST:  Nitin Saini into the attack. Manish Pandey comes in for SRH. RCB will want to create more pressure. It's David Warner's wicket they will be after. Saini bowls a good over

SRH 4/1 (2) David Warner 2, Manish Pandey 1

9:27 PM IST:  RCB are looking for quick wickets and Siraj gets one. What a Wicket, AB de Villiers almost fumbled it but managed to catch on to it.

Sreevats Goswami c AB de Villiers b Siraj SRH 2/1 (1)

9:24 PM IST:  SRH come out with David Warner and Sreevats Goswami, Mohd Siraj to start for RCB

9:14 PM IST:  Everthing that could go wrong, went wrong for RCB. Virat Kohli made a brave move to open the innings but once SRH had him cheaply, it was all downhil for them. AB de Villiers put up a fight but in the end 132-run target will not put many teams under pressure in T20.

Holder (3/25) after the match "It has been been a good tournament, coming in as a replacement and putting up my hand when the team's been under pressure. I still believe there's a long way to go for me, personally. "

9:08 PM IST:  Nitin Saini and Mohammed Siraj take 13 runs of the Natarajan's last over. 

RCB 131/7 (20)  Mohammed Siraj 10, Nitin Saini 9

9:03 PM IST:  Holder to bowl the 19th and RCB are in disarray. Sunrisers have struck at regular intervals, pegging RCB back everytime they tried to stitch a partnership.

RCB 118/7 (19)  Mohammed Siraj 2, Nitin Saini 4

9:00 PM IST:  WICKET!!!! Natarajan now gets BIG wicket AB de Villiers is clean bowled. Nails in a yorker and is goes past AB defenses and knocks out the middle stump. It's all over for RCB

RCB 113/7 (18)  Mohammed Siraj 0, Nitin Saini 1

8:55 PM IST:  WICKET!!!! Natarajan now gets Washington Sundar. Sundar manages to time the ball well and Samad catches it at sweeper cover

RCB 111/6 (17.1) AB de Villiers 55, Washington Sundar c Samad b Natarajan 5

8:52 PM IST:  Sandeep Sharma into the attack. He bowls another economical over. Just 7 runs of it

RCB 111/5 (17) AB de Villiers 55, Washington Sundar 5

8:47 PM IST:  Holder now has figures of 3-0-20-3 and has accounted for Virat Kohli, Devdutt Padikkal and now Dube; AB de Villiers gets to his half-century witha four through long-on area.

RCB 104/5 (16) AB de Villiers 52, Sundar 3

8:43 PM IST:  Holder now into the attack. Dube isn't timing the ball well and Holder is also not giving any gifts. Two good yorkers nailed by Holder. The bowler now has three wickets for just 15 runs. Dube was looking to work this to leg side but gets a leading edge taken at mid-off by Warner.

RCB 99/5 (15.4) AB de Villiers 45, Dube c Warner b Holder 8

8:39 PM IST:  Rashid into the attack. It wil be his last over. AB de Villiers is now looking to attack sweeps Rashid for a FOUR!!!. Rashid finishes his spell 4-0-22-0.

RCB 93/4 (15) AB de Villiers 45, Dube 6

8:35 PM IST:  Natrajan into the attack. It's all down to AB de Villiers for RCB. SRH need his wicket because he can be dangerous towards the end.

RCB 85/4 (14) AB de Villiers 38, Dube 5

8:33 PM IST:  Nadeem to continue his 4th over of the day. Gives away just 8 runs and finishes with 4-0-30-1.

RCB 76/4 (13) AB de Villiers 31, Dube 3

8:28 PM IST:  Rashid into the attack and RCB have collapsed. It's down to Ab de Villiers. Shivam Dube has no idea what Khan is bowling has been beaten all ends up at least twice.

RCB 68/4 (12) AB De Villiers 25, Dube 1

8:23 PM IST:  AB de Villers gets an edge for a FOUR!!! and then Nadee, oversteps to give a free hit to RCB who will love it. RCB are starving for runs and a free hit is a gift. But wait, RCB have collapsed. Ali has been run out of a free hit. Ali hit straight to Rashid at extra cover and is caught short of crease. Remember you can get run out of free hit.

RCB 65/4 (11) AB de Villiers 23, Moeen Ali r/o Rashid 0

8:18 PM IST:  Nadeem now into this third over. He has given away just 12 runs and pressure pays off Finch c Abdul Samad b Nadeem 32 (30b).

 RCB 56/3 (10.2) AB de Villiers 23, Aaron Finch c Samad b Nadeem 32

8:15 PM IST:  Rashid Khan will be looking for a wicket.  Finch finally connects one in the middle of bat. A slog sweep sends the ball flying out of the park for a SIX!!!!.

 RCB 54/2 (10) AB de Villiers 14, Aaron Finch 32

8:10 PM IST:  Nadeem is into another tidy over. Sunrisers are managing to create pressure, no easy runs for RCB on offer. Finch and Ab de Villiers are left knocking the ball for singles.

 RCB 45/2 (9) AB de Villiers 12, Aaron Finch 25

8:07 PM IST:  Rashid Khan into the attack and will be looking to create more pressure on RCB. He started well bowling a tight line giving nothing away to RCB batsmen. 2 runs of the over

 RCB 39/2 (8) AB de Villiers 9, Aaron Finch 22

8:03 PM IST: Shahbaz Nadeem into the attack. And RCB are into a nice partnership with AB de Villiers and Aaron Finch are looking comfortable in the middle; Nadeem gives away 5 singles

 RCB 37/2 (7) AB de Villiers 8, Aaron Finch 21

7:59 PM IST: Natrajan into the attack and RCB are now into the last over of powerplay. What an anti-climazx for them. Their skipper waked out to take the match head on but ended up putting the team in trouble. Finch meanwhile gets a FOUR!! of the last ball

 RCB 32/2 (6) AB 5, Finch 15 End of powerplay

7:55 PM IST: Sandeep Sharma into the attack. what a good time to bowl, opposition is in disarray. SRH bowlers are not giving away anything. All down to AB de Villiers and Finch to dig RCB out of this hole. AB gets the last ball for a FOUR!!! much needed boundary for Bangalore. 

 RCB 23/2 (5) AB 2, Finch 13

7:47 PM IST:  Holder into the attack. and RCB get the first boundary of the match. WICKET!!!! Padikkal gone. Holder has given another breakthrough. Padikkal was under pressure and was looking for a release shot. Short and tries to pull Garg times his jump well to complete the catch

Padikkal c Garg b Holder 1, RCB 15/2 (4)

7:44 PM IST: Sandeep into the attack. and Sunrisers are ensuring that they don't waste the advantage. RCB under pressure, Finch hasn't been in form but now needs to shoulder responsibility. Devdutt might be in form but is a green horn when it comes to pressure game. Sandeep is mixing it well knuckle balls, slower ball and no width.

RCB 10/1 (3) Finch 2, Padikkal 1

7:40 PM IST: Holder and Sunrisers will take this over any day. A big wicket and just 4 runs of the over; RCB 9/1 (2) Finch 1, Padikkal 1

7:35 PM IST: Holder to bowl the 2nd over and gets the big wicket, Kohli out for 6 the experiment hasn't worked for RCB. Goswami took a good catch diving to his left.

RCB: 7/1 (1.2 ) Kohli c Goswami b Holder 6

7:33 PM IST: Kohli has taken the strike and is up against his nemesis Sandeep Sharma.  Sandeep is getting a bit of swing going. Good over 5 runs of the over

RCB 5/0 (1) Kohli 4, Padikkal 1

7:25 PM IST: Virat Kohli and in-form Devdutt Padikkal to open for RCB who are playing with four changes, while SRH are also without in-form Saha and Sandeep Sharma to open the bowling

7:15  PM IST: Teams:

SRH: David Warner (c), Sreevats Goswami (wk), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Priyam Garg, Jason Holder, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan.
RCB: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (wk), Shivam Dube, Moeen Ali, Washington Sundar, Navdeep Saini, Adam Zampa, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

7:12 PM IST: Wriddhiman Saha misses out for SRH Shreevats Goswami replaces him. For  RCB-- Chris Morris, Josh Philippe, Isuru Udana and Shahbaz Ahmed are out. Replaced by Aaron Finch, Navdeep Saini, Adam Zampa, and Moeen Ali is also in the playing XI

7:00 PM IST: SRH Win the toss and will bowl first against RCB. Chasing teams have won 7 matches of the 8 matches held here.

6:40 PM IST: SRH are coming into this match with a win, while RCB are on a four match losing streak. Both teams have inspirational leaders- Virat Kohli and David Warner. The two will be competing against each other again by the end of this month again as India start tour of Australia.

6:35 PM IST: It's eliminator time. RCB or SRH one of them  will be knocked out. The winner will face Delhi Capitals. DC were pulverised yesterday night by MI. It left Ricky Ponting livid.


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