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Mumbai Indians Bowlers Toy With Delhi Capitals, Storm Into IPL 2020 Final - Highlights

Jasprit Bumrah (4/14) and Trent Boult (2/9) wreck DC after Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav slam fifties for MI

Mumbai Indians Bowlers Toy With Delhi Capitals, Storm Into IPL 2020 Final - Highlights
Mumbai Indians Jasprit Bumrah (4/14) rocked Delhi Capitals to help his side post a 57-run win and enter IPL final on Thursday. BCCI

Led-by Jasprit Bumrah's 4/14 Mumbai Indians, perhaps the best T20 outfit, decimated Delhi Capitals by 57 runs in the first qualifier and entered the IPL final on Thursday.This win has set them in sights of their fifth Indian Premier League title. (LIVE SCORES | FIXTURES & RESULTS | NEWS)

Surya Kumar Yadav (51 in 38 balls) laid the platform. Ishan Kishan scored unbeaten 55 and Hardik Pandya made quickfire 37no off 14 balls as MI reached 200 for 5.

The pressure of scoreboard was writ large on a wobbly Capitals top-order with Trent Boult (2/9 in 2 overs) and Jasprit Bumrah  (4/14 in 4 overs) producing a  testing match opening spell. DC were at one point 0/3 and eventually ended up 143 for 8.

Delhi will however get a second shot at glory when they meet winner of the Eliminator between RCB and Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday in the second qualifier.

Brief Scores: MI 200/5 (Ishan Kushan 55 no off 30 balls, Suryakumar Yadav 51 off 38 balls, Hardik Pandya 37 no off 14 balls, R Ashwin 3/29).
Delhi Capitals 143/8 (Marcus Stoinis 65 off 46 balls, Jasprit Bumrah 4/14).

11:17 PM IST: 'Very tough. I don't want to talk anything negative about the side, but going forward we have to make sure we come out with a solid mindset. It's been difficult to stay in the bubble and do the same routine everyday. We were on top of the game especially in that phase when we got two wickets, and they were 110 for in 13 or 14 overs. That is when we should have capitalised more'- Shreyas Iyer after the match.

11:10 PM IST:  DC have now faced MI thrice this season and have come ended up on the losing side. This loss by 57 runs will be heartbreaking but they have a second chance. Finishing No 2 has it's perks and DC will face the winner of the RCB-SRH match. 

11:06 PM IST:  MI win strom into IPL Final Delhi wait for the winners of SRH-RCB match.

Pollard to bowl the last over Axar Patel c Chahar b Pollard 42,

DC 141/8 (20) Rabada 15; Lose by 57 runs

10:58 PM IST:  Coulter-Nile into the attack

DC 129/7 (19) Rabada 4; Patel 42, Need 72 in 6

10:58 PM IST:  Bumrah to bowl his 4th over what a spell it has been. Boult, although injured now, and Bumrah just knocked the wind out of DC's sails. Bumrah finishes with 4/14

DC 118/7 (18) Rabada 2; Patel 34, Need 83 in 12

10:50 PM IST:  Its now Coulter-Nile into the attack. Can DC bat 20 overs is the question now.

DC 115/7 (17) Rabada 1; Patel 32, Need 86 in 18

10:45 PM IST:   15.3 Bumrah is now 4/11 gets Daniel Sams. Delhi are now outclassed, beaten and maybe jolted

DC 112/7 (15.3) Stoinis b Bumrah 65, Sams c Quinton b Bumrah 0; Patel 30, Need 89 in 29

10:43 PM IST:   Bumrah gets Stoinis. Just when DC were building a parternship, Bumrah strikes. A fast ball which jags back  and crashes on to the stumps.

DC 112/6 (15.1) Stoinis b Bumrah 65, Patel 30, Need 89 in 29

10:40 PM IST:   Pollard to Patel and he connects it for a SIX!!! over midwicket. DC needed  whole lot more of these. 2nd SIX!!!! Patel now goes straight and over the bowler crashes into empty stands. The opening burst by MI bowlers did DC in.

DC 112/5 (15) Stoinis 65, Patel 30, Need 89 in 30

10:36 PM IST:   Coulter-Nile into the attack, Patel crack a FOUR of the 1st ball. Boult has left the feild because of groin strain. Patel and Stoinis

DC 97/5 (14) Stoinis 63, Patel 17, Need 104 in 36

10:32 PM IST:   Chahar is getting a bit of stick from Stoinis  SIX!!! of the first ball, short and fast on length Stonis able to free his arms. Next ball disappears for FOUR!!!!, Pollard misfields and gives away a FOUR!! Chahar is now fone for 36 runs in 2 overs

DC 91/5 (13) Stoinis 62, Patel 12, Need 110 in 42

10:28 PM IST:   Krunal into the attack and Stoinis gets to his fifty something to cheer for DC.

DC 75/5 (12) Stoinis 51, Patel 7, Need 126 in 48

10:25 PM IST:  Pollard into the attack. Stoinis will be eying his half-century something to cheer for DC on a dreadful night. 3 runs of the over

DC 68/5 (11) Stoinis 45, Patel 6, Need 133 in 54

10:22 PM IST:  Pollard into the attack. Stoinis will be eying his half-century something to cheer for DC on a dreadful night. 3 runs of the over

DC 68/5 (11) Stoinis 45, Patel 6, Need 133 in 54

10:18 PM IST:  Krunal bowls an economical over keeps the pressure on DC.

DC 65/5 (10) Stoinis 43, Patel 5

10:15 PM IST:  Chahar into the attack and Stoinis has decided to counter attack; A fOUR of midwicket, follows it up with a SIX and a FOUR!!!! 19 runs of the over

DC 61/5 (9) Stoinis 41, Patel 3

10:11 PM IST:  Krunal to bowl and MI are not only bowling well but fielding well too Chahar dives to save a certain boundary.  Krunal gets WICKET!!! Pant caught by Yadav 3. DC staring at a huge and embarrassing defeat

DC 42/5 (8) Stoinis 19, Patel 1

10:05 PM IST:  Kieron Pollard into the attack now, Stoinis has trotted to run-a-ball but Pant is struggling to get runs. DC need both to stay and maybe make a match out of this contest. at present MI are lording over them. Pollard had bowled a economical over 4 runs of it

DC 36/4 (7) Stoinis 19, Pant 3

9:58 PM IST:  Coulter-Nile into the attack now, DC look in no hurry they are still recovering from the shocker of a start. 7 runs of the over; end of powerplay

DC 32/4 (6) Stoinis 17, Pant 1

9:54 PM IST:  Krunal Pandya into the attack. almost gets the 5th wicket for his side. Stoinis dropped by Hardik

DC 25/4 (5) Stoinis 11, Pant 0

 9:50 PM IST:  Bumrah into the attack and the pressure is relentless. Something wrong with the crease where the bowlers foot lands; Bumrah gets Iyer caught by Rohi. It was a full bloodied shot by Iyer but Rohit jumps into the air and DC now in more trouble 

DC 20/4 (4)

 9:40 PM IST:  DC are now settling now after a shocker of a start; Iyer and Stoinis now trying to rebuild. rememeber the target is 201.  Iyer lofts Boult for a FOUR!!! through mid-on and then gives himself room and slaps it over cover-point.

DC 15/3 (3)

 9:34 PM IST: Bumrah strikes a swinging yorker and Delhi are now 3 down with zero on the board Dhawan was beaten all ends up hits his foot and crashes on to the off stump

Bumrah strikes; DC 0/3 (1.3) 

 9:32 PM IST: Trent Boult  strikes second blow, Ajinkya Rahane gone 5th ball of the 1st over. hit on the pad plump lbw DC 0/2 (1)

 9:28 PM IST: Trent Boult  induces an edge and Shaw walks back to pavilion DC 0/1 (0.2)

9:27 PM IST: Delhi to start with Shikhar Dhawan, a lot will depend on him and Prithvi Shaw. Shaw hasn't got going in last few matches.  Trent Boult to start the attack for MI; MI haven't lost the match after positing 200 on the board and they have done it 10 times

9:25 PM IST: Delhi Capitals will have to bat well to get this score. They have the batsmen but are up against the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult. They will remember them from their Oct 31

9:17 PM IST:  Hardik just went hammer and tongs 37 of 14 balls, 5 sixes and he thinks 200 is enough on the board.
In such games I have always felt it is important to keep your momentum going. Luckily we got off to a great start. Kishan is a little pocket dynamo. He has been exceptional for us. I think 200 is enough - Hardik

9:12 PM IST:   SIX!!! Hardik connects the 3rd ball for a six over long-on. Another SIX!!! late charge and now toying with the field over long-off now. 50 parternship for the pair and they have taken MI to a good total.  Kishan connects of the last ball and brings up his IPL fifty. 70 runs in the last 5 overs.

MI  200/5 (20) Kishan 55 (30b),  Hardik 37 (14b)

9:06 PM IST:  Mumbai are back into the attacking mode. Hardik smashes the first ball SIX!!!!over long-on, 2nd ball dispatched for a SIX!! again, slower and short hammered over midwicket. Rabada makes a good comeback nails in yorkers. Misses the length on 5th ball and Kishan hits a FOUR!!! 18 runs of this over

MI  180/5 (19) Kishan 48,  Hardik 25

9:02 PM IST:  Sams is now bowling yorker and slower balls. taking the pace of the ball After the first ball SIX!!! that Hardik hit over square leg, Sams has managed to pull things back. but last ball smashed for s SIX!!! by Kishan

MI  162/5 (18) Kishan 43,  Hardik 12

8:58 PM IST:  Hardik comes in with Kishan. Kishan now the main man till Hardik gets into act. Stoinis and DC will be happy with it a wicket and 5 runs

MI  145/5 (17) Kishan 36,  Hardik 2

8:51 PM IST: Krunal  out caught by Daniel Sams, bowled by Stoinis

MI  140/5 (16.1) Kishan 33,  Krunal c Sams b Stoinis 13

8:50 PM IST: Nortje to bowl his 3rd over of the match. Kishan is now taking on the scoring mantle for MI. low full toss and Kishan just jabs it for a FOUR!!! through square leg. Krunal now into the act SIX!!!! short again and it sails over long leg. Kishan just guides the last ball for FOUR!! through third man

MI  140/4 (16) Kishan 33,  Krunal 13

8:45 PM IST: Rabada to bowl his third over. Iyer and DC are not turning on the pressure.  Ishan Kishan pulls a short ball to FOUR!!! a boundary after a few quiet overs and wickets for MI. Next Ball Kishan hits a SIX!!!! short ball Kishan pulls it out of park; 14 runs of the over

MI  122/4 (15) Kishan 22,  Krunal 6

8:40 PM IST:  Sams into the attack and needs to build on the pressure. Boundaries have dried up for Mumbai, Krunal and Kishan now look to rebuild knocking of singles and rotating the strike. 5 runs of the over; (TIME OUT, its time for Mumbai to think their tactics for next 6 overs)

MI  108/4 (14) Kishan 10,  Krunal 4

8:33 PM IST:  WICKET!!! Ashwin gets Pollard. Carrom ball and Pollard went for a big shot. Rabada takes a good catch  at long-on;  3 runs of the over and a wicket DC are roaring back into the match.

MI  103/4 (13) Kishan 6,  Pollard c Rabada b Ashwin 0

8:28 PM IST:   Nortje into the attack, Fifty up for Yadav with a FOUR!!!! but Nortje gets his man. Yadav  tries to hit short ball for a six but top edges and find Sams at long leg; Nortje almost got Pollard of a yorker. Seems a long stride by Pollard has saved him, no review left for DC

MI  100/3 (12) Kishan 6,  Yadav c Sams b Nortje 51 (38b)

8:22 PM IST:   Rabada  into the attack. and DC have managed to slow things down. They haven't conceded a boundary for 2 overs now; 2 runs of this over

MI  96/2 (11) Kishan 6,  Yadav 47

8:19 PM IST:   Axar into the attack and DC need him to bowl a good over MI are now marching along nicely. 7 runs of the over

MI  93/2 (10) Kishan 5,  Yadav 45

8:15 PM IST:   Daniel Sams gets into the attack. Sams gets around the wicket to cramp Yadav  for room but slightly short and he is quick to pull it for a FOUR!!! through square leg.

MI  86/2 (9) Kishan 1,  Yadav 42

8:15 PM IST:   Daniel Sams gets into the attack. Sams gets around the wicket to cramp Yadav  for room but slightly short and he is quick to pull it for a FOUR!!! through square leg.

MI  86/2 (9) Kishan 1,  Yadav 42

8:09 PM IST:   Ashwin into the attack and bowl his third over. Yadav is now picking up pace double whammy for Delhi. After Quinton's assault Yadav picks up Ashwin's second ball and slog sweeps it for a SIX!!! But Ashwin gets a wicket for DC, Quinton de Kock get to the ball goes for his shot; caught at long-off by Dhawan 40 (25b)

MI  79/2 (8) Kishan 0, 40,  Yadav 28

8:04 PM IST:   Axar into the attack; Pant appeals for caught behind as Quintin misses a reverse sweep but Pant is convinced and DC go for review and lose the review; While it looks Quinton has gone of the boil It's Yadav who has taken up the scoring mantle. Yadav just cuts Axar for FOUR!!!

MI  71/1 (7) Quinton 40,  Yadav 28

7:58 PM IST:  Ashwin back into the attack to stop the flow of runs, Yadav quiet for 2 balls and while bowling third Ashwin paused just to see what Yadav does. Yadav in turn goes through  with the shot over the mid-off for a SIX!!!! (Time Out taken DC need it for fresh strategy )

MI  63/1 (6) Quinton 38,  Yadav 22

7:55 PM IST:  Anrich Nortje into the attack; Suryakumar gets into the act and MI innings is now gaining momentum. Yadav hits 2 FOURS!!!. First short of length and just a short arm jab through midwicket; 2nd went flying and falling just short of boundary at midwicket; Yadav in form now

MI  52/1 (5) Quinton 37,  Yadav 12

7:49 PM IST:   Axar Patel into the attack and Quinton is getting runs at will something which DC will have to counter. He simply steps out and launches Axar for a SIX!!! over long-on; 12 runs of the over

MI  43/1 (4) Quinton 36 Yadav 4

7:45 PM IST:   Rabada into the attack now and DC will look to create more pressure. MI bat deep; Rabada is in such a good form and gets in a good pace 142kmph already in the first over. Quinton de Kock beats the man on square leg. 9 runs of the over

MI  31/1 (3) Quinton 26 Yadav 2

7:40 PM IST:   R Ashwin into the attack. and gets BIG WICKET!!! Rohit Sharma Adjudged lbw and MI are 16/1 (1.3); Sharma thought about taking a review but decides instead and walks off much to the delight of Delhi Capitals. 7 runs and a wicket, Delhi will take that

MI 22/1 (2) Quinton 21, Yadav 1

7:34 PM IST:   Mumbai couldn't have asked for a better start, Quinton first ball just pushes it past wide of bowler past mid-on for  FOUR!!!!. Well Quinton picks up the sceond FOUR of the over and a 3rd one straight past the bowler and races away through mid-on,

MI 15/0 (1) Quinton 15, Rohit 0

 7:30 PM IST:   Mumbai will be hoping a lot more from their skipper Rohit Sharma who walks out with Quinton de Kock; Daniel Sams to start for DC

7:17  PM IST:  Teams:
Delhi Capitals:
Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Shreyas Iyer (c), Rishabh Pant (wk), Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Daniel Sams, R Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje
Mumbai Indians:
Rohit Sharma (c), Quniton de Kock (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Trent Boult, Rahul Chahar, Jasprit Bumrah

7:09 PM IST:  DC are unchanged, while for MI Jasprit Bumrah, Trent Boult and Hardik Pandya are back. So MI are full strength

7:00 PM IST:  Toss  Report: Dew factor so Shreyas Iyer decides to bowl first in the crucial game. Any concern on Rohit Sharma fitness should be gone as he is there in the middle. We got to get to the competative score: Rohit Sharma at toss.

6:40 PM IST: Remember the losing team in qualifier 1 has a second chance of reaching final. They will face the winner of Eliminator match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad

6:15 PM IST: In the second clash DC were simply blown away by the pair of Trent Boult and Jasprit Bumrah.

6:08 PM IST: To jog down the memory lane heres is what happened when these two met in league stages. Twice Mumbai have outclassed and outplayed DC. In the first meeting on Oct 11 was much closer and MI won despite Shikhar Dhawan's heroics with the bat.

6:00 PM IST: Welcome to the Yet anogther high stake game in this IPL. At stake is IPL final berth and looks like the mind games are on. According to Dhawan an unfit Rohit is advantage DC. The women's T20 game got over rather quickly. Traliblazers beat Velocity by 9 wickets.


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