January 18, 2021
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IPL 2020: Chennai Super Kings End With A Win, Crush Kings XI Punjab's Hopes Of Playoffs - Highlights

Lungi Ngidi wrecks KXIP batting, Ruturaj Gaikwad anchors CSK victory. Highlights of KXIP vs CSK here

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IPL 2020: Chennai Super Kings End With A Win, Crush Kings XI Punjab's Hopes Of Playoffs - Highlights
CSK's Lungi Ngidi celebrates the wicket of KXIP skipper KL Rahul on Sunday.
IPL 2020: Chennai Super Kings End With A Win, Crush Kings XI Punjab's Hopes Of Playoffs - Highlights

Chennai Super Kings crushed Kings XI Punjab's dreams of making it to the Indian Premier League play-offs with a consolation nine-wicket victory here on Sunday. (LIVE SCORES | POINTS TABLE | FIXTURES & RESULTS)

CSK, who were already out of the tournament, chased down a target of 154 with opener Ruturaj Gaikwad scoring 62 off 49 balls.

Faf du Plessis scored 48 off 34 balls as KXIP which had won five matches on trot once again failed to make it to the last four.

Both CSK and KXIP finished on 12 points with eight defeats out of 14 games.
Brief Scores: KXIP: 153 for 6 in 20 overs (Deepak Hooda 62 off 30 balls; Lungi Ngidi 3/39).
CSK 154 for 1 in 18.5 overs (Ruturaj Gaikwad 62 off 49 balls, Faf du Plessis 48 off 34 balls; Chris Jordan 1/31).

7:06PM IST: Yep!! CSK have almost put KXIP on the verge, Gaikwad and Rayudu complete an easy win, Punjab have themselves to blame; needed to bat big but couldn't. Gaikwad showed how to bat on this wicket; CSK POST 9-WICKET WIN!!! it's curtains on Punjab's hope until and unless a miracle happens. Punjab can still make it but improbable odds

CSK 154/1 (18.5) Gaikwad 62, Rayudu 30

7:04 PM IST: Gaikwad gets a FOUR!! and 4 runs of leg bye ad CSK now need

5 in 12 CSK 149/1 (18) Gaikwad 60, Rayudu 27

6:56 PM IST: No pressure on CSK and Gaikwad, Jordan to bowl the 17th; CSK on a canter; Rayudu gets into the act FOUR!!! of the extra cover; 8 runs of the over 

CSK 138/1 (17) Gaikwad 54, Rayudu 26, Need 16 in 18 

6:52 PM IST:  Gaikwad Fifty and anchors CSK chase witha FOUR!!! 3rd fifty in row; his second boundary of the over; Bishnoi gives 12  runs

CSK 130/1 Gaikwad 52, Rayudu 20 need 24 in 24

6:47 PM IST: Dropped Rahul fails to pouch a chance created by Ashwin. Rayudu survives. 5 runs of the over; CSK 118/1 Need 36 in 30

6:39 PM IST:  Neesham into the attack; 3 runs conceded of the 1st ball; Punjab don't have much to defend; Gaikwad is holding fort for CSK; FOUR!!! of the last ball;

CSK 113/1 (14) Gaikwad 41, Rayudu 14, Need 41 in 36

6:35 PM IST:  Ashwin into the attack; 4 runs of the over; CSK won't mind they have wickets in hand, but Punjab must be nervous

CSK 103/1 (13) Gaikwad 32, Rayudu 13 Need 51 in 42

6:33 PM IST:  Bishnoi gives way 10 runs not what KXIP want;

CSK 99/1 (12) Gaikwad 30, Rayudu 11, need 55 in 48

6:21 PM IST:  Shami into the attack; Punjab want to create pressure but Rayudu is looking in good touch; some good fielding work restricts this over to just 5 runs

CSK 89/1 (11) Rayudu 4, Gaikwad 28 need 65 in 54

6:21 PM IST:  Chris Jordan Gets a WICKET!!!! Faf tries to ramp it over keeper but only finds Keeper KL Rahul KXIP finally have their wicket; Faf out just 2 short of 50; 12 runs and a wicket;

CSK 82/1 (9.5) Faf c Rahul b Jordan 48 ; Gaikwad 25, need 70 in 60

6:16 PM IST:  Ashwin is doing a good job and creating pressure; 3 runs of the over but Punjab need wickets. they almost got one but denied by 3rd umpire

CSK 71/0 (9) Faf 37, Gaikwad 25

6:13 PM IST:  Bishnoi into the attack and almost gets Gaikwad's wicket good catch by Mandeep Singh, Third umpire says not out upon review asked by umpires; Mandeep has grounded the catch; KL Rahul is protesting but to no avail Umpires have made the decision. Gaikwad gets FOUR!!!

CSK 69/0 (8) Faf 36, Gaikwad 24, need 85 in 72 balls

6:06 PM IST:  M Ashwin into the attack; Faf given out caught behind but decision overturned. the ball clipped the pad. Ashwoin gives away 4 runs

CSK 61/0 (7) Faf 33, Gaikwad 19, need 93 in 13 overs

5:56 PM IST:  Faf  welcomes Bishnoi into the attack with a FOUR!!!! through mid-off and then hammers a SIX!!!!!!!!!! lofted over mid-off again; survives a big lbw appeal and helps himself for 3 runs. Faf is looking dangerous and Gaikwad looks settled; Punjab need wickets; 13 of this over

CSK 57/0 (6) Faf 31, Gaikwad 17, need 96 in 84

5:50 PM IST:  Gaikwad is looking more and more comfortable in the middle, CSK have indeed unearthed a talent. Facing Shami, Gaikwad creams it through covers FOUR!!!, Faf adds another FOUR!!! of the 3rd ball; Punjab now need wicket otherwise it may be curtains for their dream of playoffs; 12 runs of the over

CSK 44/0 (5) Faf 21, Gaikwad 17

5:46 PM IST: du Plessis dropped of the 3rd ball of the Neesham's 4th over by Hooda who ran back and covered a lot of ground, dives and spills it on impact with the ground, Faf goes over fine leg just helps the ball over keeper's head: 10 runs of the over

CSK 32/0(4) Faf 14, Gaikwad 12

5:43 PM IST: Chris Jordan into the attack, CSK's Gaikwad still searching for his first boundary gets it with a SIX!!!! swings it over midwicket; 11 runs of the over

CSK 22/0 (3) Gaikwad 11, Faf 5

5:38 PM IST: Mohammed Shami into the attack and almost bowls a maiden Gaikwad times a few shots well but none past the fielders. Shami gifts away 5 runs, a wide which races to boundary; 5 runs

CSK 11/0 (2) Faf 4, Gaikwad 1

5:33 PM IST: End of 1st over Neesham bowls a decent one. Faf hammers a FOUR!!! of the last ball. Neesham gives way 6 runs;

CSK 6/0 (1)

5:28 PM IST: Last match for CSK and KXIP this season; Gaikwad and Faf du Plessis to start  for CSK, while Neesham to start for KXIP

5:11 PM IST:14 runs of the last over and KXIP have recovered thanks to Deepak Hooda. Punjab will take it given the struggle they had to face in the middle of the innings Hooda unbeaten on 62 of 30 balls star of the day,

KXIP 153/6 (20) Hooda 60, Jordan 4 Ngidi 3/39

5:02 PM IST: Hooda continues good show for Punjab. A boundary and KXIP take 10 form 19th over bowled by Thakur

KXIP 139/6 (19) Hooda 50, Jordan 3

5:05 PM IST: FIFTY for Hooda!!! 50 (26b, 2x4, 3x6, KXIP 136/6 (18.3)

5:02 PM IST: Hooda fighting for Punjab, Hits Ngidi for a 2 SIXES!!!!; First sliced over point and then survives a review and hits the next ball for a SIX through extra cover; 16 runs and a wicket

KXIP129/6 (18)  Hooda 43 Jordan 0

4:54 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Neesham caught by Gaikwad Kings are now 6 down; Neesham tries to carts Ngidi for a boundary but Gaikwad covers groud quickly and dives to take a fine catch at deep midwicket; Punjab are unravelling; Neesham c Gaikwad B Ngidi 2

KXIP 113/6 (17.1) 

4:49 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Mandeep tries to cut Jadeja strikes Punjab are 5 down

Short Mandeep wanted to pull but ball stays low; Mandeep b Jadeja 14 (15b)

'KXIP 108/5 (16.2)

4:48 PM IST: Tahir to bowl his 4th Hooda and Mandeep are now showing signs of putting up the fight 100 comes up for Punjab. SIX!!!!! Hooda hammers Tahir over extra covers what a shot. 12 runs of the over 

107/4 (16) Hooda 24, Madeep 14

4:44 PM IST: Jadeja into the attack; 7 runs of the over, Punjab need fours and sixes but aren't getting any. Choke is on and Punjab are finding difficult to free themselves from the shackles

KXIP 95/4 (15) Hooda 13, Mandeep 12

4:40 PM IST: Chahar starts the 14th over with Mandeep finding the much needed FOUR!!!! Slower ball and hammered through deep square It was first boundary since powerplat. Hooda manages FOUR!! of the last ball

KXIP 88/4 Hooda 9, Mandeep 10

4:32 PM IST: Jadeja comes into the attack gives away 4 runs

KXIP 77/4 (13) Mandeep 4, Hooda 4

4:29 PM IST: A HUGE WICKET!!! Tahir has removed Gayle. Its' ideal time for Tahir, wickets mean Punjab will be watchful and will have no intention to attack; Tahir adds to the pressure. He does exactly that  and gets Gayle lbw Tahir 12 (19) 

KXIP 73/4 (12) Mandeep 3, Hooda 1

4:23 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Thakur into the attack, Punjab are looking for runs and Pooran swings and ends up with a faint edge to the keeper; Punjab under serious pressure remember they need to win this. 4 runs and a wicket; CSK are doing well to create pressure and play spoilsport;  Pooran c Dhoni b Thakur 2 (10.4)

KXIP 69/3 (11) Gayle 11, Mandeep 1 

4:19 PM IST: Tahir has bowled yet another good over, CSK are pulling things back; Only 3 runs of the over

KXIP 65/2 (10) Gayle 9, Pooran 1

4:15 PM IST:  WICKET!!!!!Ngidi strikes and removes Punjab skipper KL Rahul, man in-form and orange cap holder for this season. Slow and full crashes on to the stumps; first ball he had managed to beat Gayle who almost chops it on to stumps; A wicket and 1 run of the over

KXIP 62/2 (9) Gayle 7, Pooran 0

4:09 PM IST:  Imran Tahir into the attack Chris Gayle and Rahul is trying to measure the spinner; But Tahir proves to be a smart enough restricts the over to just singles; 5 runs of the over

KXIP 61/1 (8) Rahul 29, Gayle 6

4:03 PM IST:  Thakur into the attack; Bowls a good over gives away just 3 runs; No spin for CSK till now

KXIP 56/1 (7) Gayle 3, Rahul 27

3:59 PM IST: 9 runs and a wicket for CSK Ngidi provides the breakthrough, remember it's all for their pride;

KXIP 53/1 (6) Rahul 26, Gayle 1

3:53 PM IST:  WICKET!!! Ngidi strikes removes in-form Mayank; inside edge on to stumps. slower ball, Mayank goes for 26; Time for Chris Gayle, Universe Boss

KXIP 48/1 (5.2) Rahul 22

3:53 PM IST: Rahul decides to target Shardul Thakur First ball dispatched for FOUR!! to long leg, Next ball width offered Rahul slashes hard and gets it over and above short third man for a FOUR!!!; Good comeback by Thakur ball pitches at off and moves away Rahul beaten. 10 runs of the over

KXIP 44/0 Rahul 22 Mayank 22

3:48 PM IST: Sam Curran into the attack; Mayank taking chances frees his arms, steps back and gets it over point for a FOUR!!!!;  Punjab doing sensible thing, getting a boundary and then taking singles; Mayank again gets FOUR!!! of the last ball; 11 runs of the over

KXIP 34/0(4) Mayank 21, Rahul 13

3:43 PM IST:  KL Rahul hammers Chahar for a SIX!!!!!, Rahul and Mayank are looking for runs and keeping the scoreboard ticking. Chahar pulls things back, keeps rest of the over restricted to singles

KXIP 23/0 (3) Rahul 11, Mayank 12

3:39 PM IST: Sam Curran to bowl the second  trying to take it across the right handers. Good over. Mayank and Rahul play it cautiously 4 runs from the over

KXIP 14/0 (2) Rahul 2, Mayank 11

3:35 PM IST:  End of 1st over Mayank back into the side doesn't wait to settle, lifts Chahar for a FOUR!!! over Rayudu at mid-on; Follows it up with a FOUR!!! through backward square a ball later; KXIP have shown positive intent

KXIP 10/0 (1) Mayank 9, Rahul 1

3:29 PM IST: Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul to open the innings for Kings XI Punjab, Deepak Chahar to start the attack for CSK.


Chennai Super Kings:  Ruturaj Gaikwad,  Faf du Plessis, MS Dhoni (c and wk), Ambati Rayudu, N Jagadeesan,  Ravindra Jadeja, Sam Curran, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar, Imran Tahir, Lungi Ngidi

Kings XI Punjab:  Mayank Agarwal,  KL Rahul (c and wk),  Chris Gayle,  Nicholas Pooran, Mandeep Singh,  Deepak Hooda,  Jimmy Neesham,  Chris Jordan,  M Ashwin,  Mohammed Shami,  Ravi Bishnoi

3:06 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings Have won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Glenn Maxwell has been dropped and Jimmy Neesham comes in, while Arshdeep is out replaced by Mayank Agarwal; CSK have Faf du Plessis back, Watson misses out, while Imran Tahir replaces Mitchell Santner. Karan Sharma replaced by Shradul Thakur

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