Monday, Mar 20, 2023

Lockdown Recipe: Chickpea Salad with Roasted Eggplant | By Chef Gaggan Anand

Lockdown Recipe: Chickpea Salad with Roasted Eggplant | By Chef Gaggan Anand

Chef Gaggan Anand brings you a recipe you can try at home with easily available ingredients during lockdown.

Chef’s note: It is a healthy salad bowl and is vegan. With the temperature soaring high, this dish is refreshing and filling at the same time. Considering we are at home all the time, it is better to avoid fried stuff and opt for healthy yet tasty options.


-        Chickpea 100 grams

-        Small green eggplant 2

-        Cumin powder to taste

-        Bay leaf 2 (optional)

-        Curry leaf oil 2tbl spoon

-        Black salt as per taste

-        Lemon Juice 2 freshly squeezed

-        Fresh cilantro to garnish

-        Pomegranate 1


-        Boil the pre-soaked chickpea with salt and some oil

-        To this you can add some bay leaf along with cumin

-        Once boiled cool it in refrigerator

-        Roast the eggplants and peel off the skin

-        Chop the roasted eggplant into small pieces

-        Now make curry oil by heating up any oil of your choice

-        Add the curry leaves to the oil

-        Cook the curry leaves till the time it looks crispy

-        Then put the curry leaves oil along with the leaves in a mixer and make it into a green oil strain

-        Finally, in a mixing bowl add the chickpeas and season it with salt, spices and lemon.

-        Then add the roasted eggplant pieces

-        Add the green oil for dressing

-        Then put the whole salad in a pre-chilled serving bowl and add the lemon juice and black salt

-        Toss again

-        Garnish with cilantro, pomegranate and edible flowers (considering that edible flowers are not easily available now, you can definitely do without it.)


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