April 21, 2021
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Phoolan Devi, R.I.P

A collection of articles: breaking news on the aftermath of her brutal killing: the manhunt, speculation, reflections, reminiscences and politicisation;
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Phoolan Devi, R.I.P
Phoolan Devi, R.I.P

Phoolan Devi, R.I.P
The violent murder of the bandit queen and its aftereffects - reactions, politicisation, reflections and more

'They Passed Me From Man To Man, Blindfolded'
I, Phoolan Devi: The bandit queen's much-awaited graphic first person account of her humiliation and revenge
May 15, 1996

The De(v)ification
I, Phoolan Devi:
The record, then, is set straight. Or is it?
May 15, 1996

Phoolan Devi
The Bandit Queen is on to new things. She's writing and directing a celluloid autobiography, Phoolan Ki Kasam.
April 10, 1996

Phoolan Devi
From Bandit Queen to ballot queen, Phoolan discusses her new political role
June 5, 1996

'Ab Hum Sarkar Hain...'
And since 'she is the government', the former bandit queen exercises the license to do what she likes
July 17, 1996

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