Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Panasonic Wireless Headphone Is The Best Noise Cancelling Device In The Market

Panasonic Wireless Headphone Is The Best Noise Cancelling Device In The Market

Panasonic’s new range of premium headphones have features like Noise cancellation technology, voice assistant activation, ergonomic design for wearing comfort, enhanced, robust bass and deep tone colors. The new range is priced from INR 899 to INR 14,999.

I think that now nobody can beat Panasonic in this category because the sound quality is unmatchable.  I am extremely happy to listen to my favourite audios without a hassle of a wire. 

With a great battery life, this device appears to be very promising.Alternatively, there is also the option of using the headphones over the existing 3.5 mm jack. A corresponding mini jack cable with gold-plated plugs is also included with the accessories.

The cushioning is comfortable and each cup slides out to fit different head sizes. I found them very soft,  but if you prefer deep padding, these might not satisfy you. They have about a centimeter and a half of give, which was enough for me.

The wireless headphones support the Bluetooth standard 4.2 and, in combination with various Android and iOS devices, offered ranges of up to ten metres with high stability, which is a good result. Pairing is achieved by pressing and holding the power button on the right-hand earpiece, which turns the system on and puts it directly into pairing mode. 

Panasonic India  ,also aunched its latest range of new-age headphones under the Athleisure and the Retro series - HTX90N, HTX20B, NJ310B, TCM130 and TCM55.

The two new sets of headphones under HTX Series feature a Retro modern style combines present influences with vintage inspired design elements. HTX90N is a Bluetooth over ear pair and HTX20B is an in-ear buds; the HTX series continues to provide timeless value through a combination of chic design and latest audio technology.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Suguru Takamatsu, Divisional Head, CSD, CE - Panasonic India said “With the rise-in high-definition content, consumers today, seek gears that not only provide an advanced audio experience but also complement their lifestyles. Panasonic’s new range of headphones are a perfect combination of contemporary design and unmatched sound technology, premeditated to appeal consumers' evolving tastes. The latest range has been designed aesthetically to match your persona and extend comfort while delivering an immersive audio experience. We further aim to amplify our association with Amazon to reach a wider audience seamlessly.”

Panasonic’s Street Wireless Headphones HTX90C – On ear wireless noise cancelling headphone have the following features:

• Noise-free Sound Immersion in Retro Modern Style
• Classic colours and refined Matte finish
• Powerful, Enhanced Bass
• 24 hours Battery Life
• Voice Assistant activation
• 1.2m detachable cable
• 40mm Driver Unit
• Build in microphone for smartphone