Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

Mahindra Marazzo vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Which MPV Offers Better Space?

Mahindra Marazzo vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Which MPV Offers Better Space?

The Marazzo might have the biggest ‘footprint’ for a Mahindra. But is that enough to beat the reigning champ?

When Mahindra announced that it was building an all-new MPV, it was quite clear that it was aiming to lure prospective Toyota Innova Crysta buyers who prioritise cabin space and practicality over all else. If you’re one of them, read on to find out which of these two people carriers is the most spacious.

Interior space

The Innova Crysta is 21mm taller and 150mm longer than the Marazzo, which makes it look a little more substantial from the outside. But Mahindra has managed to make the Marazzo quite spacious thanks to a FWD layout and a transversely mounted engine.

Recently, we put the two MPVs and other similarly priced people carriers through a proper comparison test. Check out the video here.

But for now, let’s look at what the measurement tape says.


The Marazzo trumps the Innova Crysta when if comes to space at the front. Even six-footers won’t find any shortage of space in terms of legroom or kneeroom. However, the Toyota scores better when it comes to underthigh support. So while the Mahindra’s front-row will let you stretch out more, the Innova’s seats are likely to be more comfortable on longer journeys.


The Toyota’s captain seats are comfy even for six-footers. But the Marazzo offers better headroom, shoulder room and even a marginally higher kneeroom. The only aspect where it loses out to the Innova Crysta is when it comes to underthigh support, which shouldn’t be a big downer if you’re of average built.


It all boils down to how usable the third-row of both MPVs are. And this where the Marazzo scores over the Innova Crysta with its spacious seats. First up, the Marazzo’s third-row sits 10mm higher than the Innova’s, which means you sit in a less knees-up position than in the Innova. It also has more kneeroom, which means you’ll spend less time rubbing your knee on the second-row seat back, which should make longer journeys a lot more comfortable.

The only dimension in which the Innova Crysta beats the Marazzo is when it comes to shoulder room. So, on paper, the Innova Crysta should be able to seat three passengers more comfortably than the Marazzo. But the Marazzo could turn out to be more comfortable for two passengers in the third row.


The Innova Crysta offers better a front- and second-row experience along with a larger boot. And that has to be its biggest advantage over the Marazzo.

But if it’s space you want and plan on using the third row more often, it’s the Marazzo that takes the lead. Factor in the comparatively lower price tag and the Marazzo makes a lot of sense for those shopping for a full-size MPV.