Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

Yearender 2021: Top 10 Apps Of The Year That Helped Us Pull Through The Pandemic

With the blessing of technology, surviving the difficult times was in a way possible and thanks to several new and old apps that made online communication and services smooth.

Representative image. PTI

The second wave of coronavirus pandemic, that gripped 2021, made lives very difficult across the nation. The ensuing lockdown, the scarcity of resources and the Covid-19 scare made daily necessities inaccessible. However, with the blessing of technology, surviving these times was in a way possible and thanks to several new and old apps that made online communication and services smooth.

We bring to you 10 mobile apps that made us pull through the pandemic.

1. Amazon

The American multi-tech company has it all. From shopping online to ordering basic groceries and also multimedia streaming, Amazon was the app because of which regular and daily chores became much easier. As nobody was able to step out, the delivery workers and employers safely delivered all the necessities to everyone's door. The company ran a sufficient amount of quality checks and took all safety measures while processing deliveries.

2. Zomato

While ‘work from home’ became the pioneer for the service sector employees, Zomato made food deliveries by taking all precautions as everyone was still busy at home. Zomato made sure that the food being sold and delivered was prepared with all safety measures and hygienically. Also, those who were busy with treatments and in the hospital were able to get access to basic meals by Zomato’s sub-organization 'homely' which delivered home-cooked food.

3. Arogya Setu

Post the lockdown, it became necessary to keep a track of covid events as it was necessary to prevent the super spreading of the virus as the lockdown loosened. This app was launched by the government to track all the patients who had been tested positive so that unnecessary crowding and super spreading of the virus could be halted and the disease could be contained.

4. Zoom

Everyone realized the importance of human-to-human connection during the era of social distancing. From important meetings to events, to celebrations, the Zoom app was extremely helpful. Video conferencing became a daily activity for school and university classes to corporate meetings.

5. Google Classroom

This app became the online library and the major study tool for students. India was gradually digitalising pre-pandemic. However, lockdown forced the conduction of classes online. Google classroom became the most student and teacher-friendly app to mediate academic communication.

6. Facebook

Social media apps like Facebook created their own space when it came to keeping in touch with family and friends. Apart from that, it became an aiding platform for people who were looking for leads and covid relief resources during the second wave as the platform was a major source of information circulation during that time.

7. Netflix

Due to the barbaric nature of the virus and what was happening, an entertainment app couldn't be prioritized first. However, Netflix managed to keep people engaged and have some sort of entertainment when everyone was socially distant and movie theatres were not accessible.

8. Spotify

Similar to Netflix, this music app helped people cling to their hopes and helped them make the most out of their musical journeys by personalizing the user experience. It is a music app that included family plans at extremely affordable rates.

9. LinkedIn

This profile building app helped people elevate and fast track their professional careers as in-person meetups were not possible. Hence, it helped make people contacts and eased work and recruitment processes. LinkedIn also helped explore new job areas as unemployment became evident and customary during the pandemic.

10. Uber

Although the role of this app was much credited during the aftermath of the lockdown, government public transportation was still shut down and Uber made it easier for people to commute daily.