October 28, 2020
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Corona Lite: The Lighter Side Of A Pandemic

As governments across the world make sure that people stay home to prevent the spread of coronavirus, meme-makers have field day

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Corona Lite: The Lighter Side Of A Pandemic
A meme on the coronavirus outbreak and the need for hand sanitizer
Tribhuvan Tiwari/Outlook
Corona Lite: The Lighter Side Of A Pandemic

The situation is grim all over the world as the coronavirus pandemic casts a shadow with the global death toll crossing 10,000. India too is not left untouched by the havoc wreaked by the deadly virus as confirmed cases in the country rose to 206 on Friday with four deaths.

As a result, people are being asked or even forced (in some countries) to stay home; schools, colleges, offices, shops, bars, restaurants and even transport are being shut in many places.

But life continues. And there is one factory that is running with full steam--it’s the online humour mill fed by the meme-makers. Let’s face it, we need some lighter moments to relax in this stressful time. So, don’t wash your hands off these ingenious people and you will thank the service providers on Sunday evening when India goes for a self-imposed 'janata curfew'.

Here are a few sketches from the incredible humour the internet has to offer you in the time of quarantine:

The reality of staying home to stay safe...


In the time of coronavirus pandemic, group photos be like...


Italian artist Michelangelo's painting, 'Creation of Adam', assumes a new dimension with the addition of a hand sanitizer...


Given the current scenario, this may not be a hyperbole; so get ready for the 'quaranteens'...


When the history of colonisation of the Americas hits you with a lighter tone...


When the seasonal common cold keeps us on our toes...


And one for the introverts...


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