Sunday, Dec 10, 2023

Highlights: Total Nationwide Lockdown For 21 Days Starting Today Midnight, Says PM Modi

Highlights: Total Nationwide Lockdown For 21 Days Starting Today Midnight, Says PM Modi

PM Modi is addressing the nation on some vital aspects relating to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation on some vital aspects relating to the menace of the Coronavirus.

PM Modi, over the past few days, has been extremely active on social media, exhorting people to cut down on travel, stay indoors and extend solidarity to those leading the battle against the deadly Coronavirus, which has claimed over 13,000 lives world over.

Coronavirus cases in the country have surged to 519 and one more death from the infection was reported on Tuesday taking the toll to 10.

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8:29 PM: 21 days is a long time but it is important for your health; I am sure every India will come out of it victorious, says PM Modi.

8:28 PM: Please do not believe in rumours and superstitions, says PM Modi.

8:27 PM: The Centre has made an allocation of Rs 15,000 Crore for strengthening the health infrastructure and increase the equipment required  for the coronavirus, says PM Modi.

8:25 PM: We are making efforts to not only give priority to what is required to for daily life, but also what is required to save lives, says PM Modi.

8:24 PM: We are making sure that essential supplies remain available, says PM Modi.

8:23 PM: "Think of the media people who are on the streets and hospitals with the risk of contracting the virus," says PM Modi.

8:22 PM: Please pray for those who are working round-the-clock to treat the patients and sanitize the streets, says PM Modi.

8:21 PM: It's the time for the discipline and patience, says PM Modi.

8:19 PM: Our actions will determine the ability to reduce the impact of the disaster, says PM Modi. "When there is life, there is hope."

8:18 PM: "No matter what, don't step out of your homes. We have to break the chain of transmission," says PM Modi.

8:17 PM: To deal with the Coronavirus, we must learn from the countries that adhered to the government and imposed lockdown, says PM Modi.

8:16: Coronavirus spreads very fast and when it begins to spread, it is difficult to stop it. That is why the situation turned out of control in several countries despite having best healthcare facilities, says PM Modi.

8:15 PM: If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days (of nationwide complete lockdown), we will be pushed back 21 years, says PM Narendra Modi.

8:14 PM: Experts say that if one expires coronavirus, it may take many many days to exhibit signs, says PM Modi.

8:13 PM: Do only one thing at home: stay at home, says PM Modi.

8:12 PM: Forget for 21 days what it means to step out of home, says PM Modi.

8:10: As per health experts, to break the chain of transmission of coronavirus, 21 days' lockdown is important, says PM Modi.

8:09 PM: The lockdown will be imposed for 21 days, says PM Modi.

8:08 PM: The restrictions will be more strict. The priority is to save the lives of people, says PM Modi.

8:07 PM: From midnight, the entire nation will be under lockdown, says PM Modi.

8:06 PM: It is impossible to fathom the price we may have to pay because of the irresponsible attitude of some people, says PM Modi.

8:05 PM: Social distancing is for everyone, even for the PM, says PM.

8:04 PM: There is only one way to stop the pandemic and that is social distancing, says PM Modi.

8:03 PM: Coronavirus is spreading so fast that all the nations are facing difficulties to tackle the pandemic, says PM Modi.

8:02 PM: People of India showed how we get together when there is a crisis, says PM Modi.

8:01 PM: On March 22, we as a nation came together in the times of crisis, says PM Modi. He says every Indian made Janata Curfew successful.

8:00 PM:  PM Modi begins address to the nation.

7:39PM: PM Modi will address the nation shortly. He will speak on some vital aspects related to the Coronavirus pandemic.