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Year-Ender 2021: Lara Dutta To Aayush Sharma To Kangana Ranaut – Transformations That Blew Our Minds

Many actors have done a brilliant onscreen transformation this year. From building up a body to gaining weight massively to completely going unrecognisable via make-up, here are some of the top transformations on-screen which left us amazed.

Actress Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi (left); Actor Aayush Sharma in Antim (centre); Actress Kangana Ranaut as Jayalalitha. Instagram/@larabhupathi, @aaysharma, @kanganaranaut

The ability to seamlessly slide into the role is a true sign of an actor. The same sometimes necessitates tremendous efforts on the part of the artistes, who must endure astonishing modifications to match the parts of their character. While some go through immense work outs and diets to get that look, some performers have to take the route of prosthetics and make up to make them get that perfect transformation onscreen

From changing their physical features to adapting to the subtleties of the characters, many actors go through extreme hard work in order to get their final performances perfect. While some end up dazzling us, there are many others who end up failing miserably onscreen. Here are some of the onscreen transformations that left us surprised in 2021:

Lara Dutt (‘Bell Bottom’)

Actress Lara Dutta shocked the world with her look from her film ‘Bell Bottom’. In the film, she played the late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The actress' make-up was flawless, and she looked precisely like the late Prime Minister. Dutta managed to go unrecognizable completely. Even when the trailer for the film was released, people were wondering as to where Dutta was in the movie. But it was there realized by everyone that it was Dutta only onscreen as Gandhi. The nuances that Dutta brought into the character, made the gritty and fearless PM Gandhi come to life.

Kangana Ranaut (‘Thalaivii’)

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Actress Kangana Ranaut played former actress turned politician Jayalalithaa in ‘Thalaivii’, and she delivered yet another powerful performance. Ranaut played the numerous periods of Jayalalithaa's life, which necessitated her to adopt several different looks, spanning over 30 years of the legend's life. Ranaut's passion and commitment to the character, from gaining weight to reducing it again, was definitely praiseworthy.

Kriti Sanon (‘Mimi’)

Actress Kriti Sanon, who plays a surrogate mother in ‘Mimi’, had to gain weight in order to impersonate a pregnant lady convincingly. Sanon, who surprised everyone with her miraculous weight growth and then her weight loss journey, also emerged as one of the year's best performers with her stunning show. She let go off the leggy lass good looks and concentrated on her acting, and she came up with a brilliant portrayal of a surrogate mother fighting to keep the legal custody of her child.

Aayush Sharma (‘Antim’)

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Actor Aayush Sharma’s was probably the most astonishingly remarkable transformations of the current crop of actors. He made jaws drop with the first glimpse of his latest film release, ‘Antim’. Sharma transformed from a slim, guy-next-door in ‘LoveYatri’ to a muscular, frightening, dreaded gangster in ‘Antim’. He stood tall opposite a bulging and muscular Salman Khan, an actor who is known for his fitness and huge muscles. Sharma earned huge accolades from all corners for his remarkable change in physicality.Ayushmann Khurrana (‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’)

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Actor Ayushmann Khurrana, known for his content selections, drew attention to himself in his new flick ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’ with his bulked up figure. As a gym trainer, Khurrana strengthened his muscles and body, which became one of the most talked about elements in the film's advertising campaign. While he has been praised a lot for the selection of his differential characters, it’s quite interesting to see Khurrana bulk up for once to get the look to perfection.