Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Sanjay Mishra Feels National Award-Winning-Films Should Be ‘Showcased Across India’

Actor Sanjay Mishra’s National Award-Winning Film ‘Turtle’ Will start streaming on Zee5, soon.

Actor Sanjay Mishra will be next seen in the movie 'Hasal' directed by Ravi Singh.

Actor Sanjay Mishra is happy that the National Award-winning film ‘Turtle’ will stream on OTT platforms, since he feels that the movie’s theme deals with issues which concern the entire nation.  

“A National Award-winning film has to be showcased across India in order to make people aware and I'm thankful that it's going to be streaming on OTT platform where people can watch it. Otherwise, it becomes a wastage,” he tells us. 

Metaphorically, Ramkaran Choudhary (Sanjay Mishra), is the turtle in a drought struck village of Rajasthan, churning the parched, sun-baked earth, to extract water and the common folk indulged in a tug of war, rotating on his shell, desperate to quench their thirst. 


“The film deals with the grassroot problem of water crisis in the villages of Rajasthan and I'm playing a villager. This film is based on global warming and it is such an important issue to be shown,” says Mishra.  

It won the National Film Award for Best Rajasthani Film at the 66th National Film Awards in 2019. 

Meanwhile, Mishra, is gearing up to shoot alongside actors Ranvir Shorey, Raghav Juyal, Ishtiyak Khan and Tejasvi Singh for ‘Hasal’, a slice-of-life story that showcases the fundamental darkness that one hides.  

"This is the story of life, the story of the darkness prevailing in every human being, some have the courage to thrive with it, some have the courage to find the obscure parts of themselves, some hustle to stand out and shine like the moon, some have the fire of revenge. It is a hustle story of four lives and their struggle to live," film’s director, Ravi Singh, had said.  

"The film consists of 4 stories and I got inspiration from my surroundings through observation. So, these are not imaginary characters and are adapted from real lives. I just gave words to them. It's a story that resides in every family, city, village, etc. It's a story of common people like us," he added.