Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

Kushagra Nautiyal: Keen To Play A Musician Onscreen Someday

The actor, who comes from a musical background, hopes to someday play the role of a singer in a film or television show.

Actor Kushagra Nautiyal was a singer before he became an actor. PR Handout

Actor Kushagra Nautiyal is gaining positive reviews for his acting in debut show, 'Kumkum Bhagya'. The budding actor reveals that besides doing good stories, it's his dream to act for a project on life of a musician.

Nautiyal before acting, started his career as a singer and continues to produce songs even now.

"I want to play a musician onscreen someday. That is something I'm dreaming for. Being a singer myself I would love and enjoy portraying it. I can relate how a singer struggle to find a worth platform to showcase the art and introduce audience to the voice. Since my journey has been full of ups and downs, success and failures, I think I can deliver something the world would love to see on screen."

The actor adds, "I feel mostly all of us love to sing. Whether or not people can carry a tune, they experience and understand that there’s something positive and healthy in the act of raising their voices in song. For me singing is just a quick access to relieve stress. In fact, it is scientifically proved that singing is good for our body and mind. Signing is just a form of therapy."

Nautiyal currently essaying a positive charecter of Siddharth in Ekta Kapoors show starring Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha in lead roles. He plays the husband of Rhea, essayed by well known actress Pooja Baneejee.

Being on screen means continuously looking good and in shape and Nautiyal doesn't take fitness lightly, especially in times of the pandemic.

"Pandemic is a very common excuse we blame at for our disturbed workout and diet routine. I understand that during these trying times, many of our go-to routines have suddenly stalled. But we must be very significant about taking care of our emotional and physical health is crucial during this period of uncertainty and stress. And the fact is our physical fitness doesn't have to suffer just because the gym is temporarily closed. I personally involve myself into Yoga and some indoors exercise," he says.