Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

Ankita Lokhande: With OTT, The Demand Has Increased For Better Acting, Better Characters, And Better Content

Bollywood actress Ankita Lokhande is riding on the success of the show, ‘Pavitra Rishta 2.0’ on Zee 5. She opens up about how OTT has opened up new avenues for actors of all kinds.

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Actress Ankita Lokhande has been garnering a lot of praise for her latest show ‘Pavitra Rishta 2.0’. The show, which is a reboot version of the old Ekta Kapoor show of the same name, has received a lot of love from audiences of all age groups. But this time over the show was released on OTT and not on TV. Has this new-age OTT platform become a great medium for actors, who were probably not getting too much work in films or TV?

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Without batting an eyelid, Lokhande says, “Yeah, absolutely. I was just talking about this with a friend of mine the other day. There are so many new opportunities that are opening up for actors, especially for the ones who play characters. This is working out really well for them. The demand has increased for better acting, better characters, and better content. People do not want to see stars. They don't want to be taken abroad and shown exotic locations. Audiences have started realising whether the drama is real or it's just looking fake. You cannot fool the audiences anymore now. Gone are the days where song and dance used to work. Actors don't want to do that anymore. They want to have potentially great content in order to give something better to the audience. ‘Pavitra Rishta 2.0’ is also something very different because the first one was something very dramatic because it was a television thing. In that respect, you will get a very different kind of feel of ‘Pavitra Rishta’ (this time). You will see a realistic and natural kind of filmmaking. You will understand that it is different. It will feel like it is a film.”

The show has been getting some great viewership on the platform and is on its way to becoming the most-watched series of the month.

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