Monday, Jan 17, 2022

Anita Raaj: You Learned The Reality Of Life During The Pandemic As It Shook The Whole World

Veteran actress Anita Raaj returns to her hit TV show ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’ playing Kulwant Kaur once again. She speaks to Outlook about why she left, and why she decided to be back, and her lockdown learnings.

Anita Raaj: You Learned The Reality Of Life During The Pandemic As It Shook The Whole World
Anita Raaj

Fans would recall the tremendous aura that Kulwant Kaur, played by veteran actress Anita Raaj, had brought on to the screens in her hit TV show ‘Choti Sarrdaarni’. Raaj did not return to the show after the plot's generational shift. However, on popular demand of the audiences, the makers have brought Raaj back on the show as Kulwant Kaur.

For the unversed, Raaj played Kulwant Kaur who was portrayed as the brave and outspoken sarpanch of her village, who would not accept any crap from anyone, no matter who they were. Kulwant’s character will now return to the show to add another twist to the existing narrative. With her arrival, it is expected that a lot of significant changes. Her character will have new dynamics, and her entrance will bring numerous twists and turns.

In a short chat with Outlook, Raaj spoke up about why she took the break from the show, why she has decided to come back and whether she had any lockdown learnings. Excerpts from the chat:

Why did you take a break from this character which was so loved by all?

It wasn’t a break. They were trying to see in what different way can they bring me back to the show and here I am.

What prompted the decision to come back to the show with the same character?

Kulwant Kaur is in my blood. You know I can’t think of any other character but coming back as Kulwant Kaur. I can’t tell you, people even now, the new generation, the older generation knows my name they tell me, “Arey yeh toh Param aur Karan ki dadi hai (This is Param and Karan’s grandmom)”, “Arey yeh toh Kulwant Kaur hai (This is Kulwant Kaur)”, “Aap vapas kab aa rahe ho show mein (When are you coming back on the show)?”. It’s so nice to relate with the character. Because you know that, and I hope so, that I must have had done some justice to the role that they like me. It’s nice.

Now that things are opening up after the lockdown, what has been your biggest learning from this lockdown?

To learn to live with minimal things. During the lockdown, what we needed we were buying that. When we went to the store, we were only buying what we need. Extra kuch khareed nahi rahe the (We were not buying anything extra). You learned how to live, you learned how to love. You learned how to literally have that emotion with your near and loved ones. You learned the reality of life. It’s not only me everyone learned that, and I hope and pray that it stays that way. Because people’s memories are short-lived memories. If in two years, the pandemic shook the whole world, I think we all need to have that balance in life. It’s very important.


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