September 22, 2020
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IAC Press Conference

Damage to Ecology

On the pollution caused from the waste produced by Mr Gadkari's factory

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Damage to Ecology

Gram Panchayat Bela Village, Taluka Umred, Distirct Nagpur wrote to the Managing Director of Purti Sugar Factory in a letter dated 19.08.2007 saying that they must stop putting their waste products into the river immediately as it has totally polluted the water. This river is the source of tap water to the villages and the villagers refuse to use this polluted water and have to get water from outside. In fact the pollution is so much even animals refuse to drink that water. (Exhibit 11)

Jeevan Vikas Machimar Sahakari Sanstha Ltd, Bela which is a cooperative of fisherfolk has written to the Shiv Sena office and to Maharashtra Pollution Board on 22.07.2007 stating that they have taken the Vadgaon Dam lake on lease from the government for fish farming and have tried to rear fish by releasing eggs etc. But due to the waste products released from the Purti Sugar Factory, all the big fishes have died and the fisherfolk have lost lakhs of rupees. The water from the reservoir has further carried forward the pollution to the river and they in fact fear this water can even harm human life. The members of Jeevan Vikas Machimar Sahakari Sanstha Ltd are now facing starvation as they have lost their investment and their source of income. They have therefore demanded immediate action to end further pollution and compensate the damage done so far. (Exhibit 12)

Exhibit 11: Gram Panchayat's complaint to Purti sugar factory on pollution caused due to their waste disposal.

Exhibit 12: Fisherman co-opertaive's complaint about water pollution cased by waste disposal from the Purti Sugar family.


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