July 14, 2020
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'BJP Is The Party With No Difference'

The former UP CM on the prospects of his returning to the BJP

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'BJP Is The Party With No Difference'

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh has reached out for the BJP, and if the events carry on in the same manner his return home is almost certain. The satisfaction and joy of homecoming can be read on his face. Kalyan's discontent with the BJP has now been replaced by sympathy. Talking to Outlook Saptahik, Kalyan reiterated that he didn't leave the BJP, the party expelled him. Excerpts from the interview:

Are discussions on for your return home?

I won't deny that the political process has begun. It is an extensive political process. Some old friends from the BJP approached me. We have had a long discussion. Fresh political equations, experiments and coalitions will soon be formed. If the BJP is thinking about Kalyan Singh today, it can be called a positive development.

What are the obstacles to returning to the BJP?

These are internal matters. Nothing can be said until the results are seen. But, this is for sure that there are certain 'elements' in the BJP who want the current situation to become worse. That is why they have leaked the news. Right now 'primary talks' are on. Such leaks do create obstacles in the way forward.

Who are these people?

Everyone knows them. They are leaders from Uttar Pradesh who stay in Delhi. The people who came for the talks also know them.

You made some personal comments on Prime Minister Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. Would that be a deterrent to your homecoming?

I have never personally attacked anyone. I have criticized the policies of the NDA government. As both these leaders are involved in policy formation, and are the chief architects of major policies, their names may have cropped up .

You have said that the BJP's structure needs to be brought down. How come this change in opinion?

At times political equations are so formed that they require various earlier decisions to be turned around.

What will be the possible effects?

This will be known only after the results of the new political equation come out.

What will be the future of the coalition government after your return?

This is a hypothetical question, but this is for sure that the arrangement BJP has with Mayawati is suicidal. The coalition government is only adding to Mayawati and Mulayam Singh's votes.

The news of your return to the BJP would have added to Mulayam Singh's woes?  

I can't comment on this matter. I had a talk with him today. We talk almost everyday. But, this has never come up.

Wouldn't you end up riding two boats at the same time?

I do not ride two boats. I know that anyone who does that ends up losing.

Is there a possibility of political temperatures rising in the May heat?

Without waiting for anyone's signal, we will carry on our campaign and do whatever is needed to carry the party forward. We have a party meeting in May.

What are your views about Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani now?

(Cautiously) They are big leaders. They are architects of the nation's policies today.

What are your views about the temple construction?

Ram Temple is a national, not political, issue.

What is the difference between the earlier and today's BJP?

Earlier, the BJP was 'the party with a difference'. Today it is 'the party with no difference.'

Your views on Mayawati?

Same as before.

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