Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About The Pulsar 125 Neon!

Bajaj’s baby Pulsar is here and it’s time to give you an in-depth look of the motorcycle

The entry barrier to calling yourself a ‘Pulsarmaniac’ just became a bit lower as Bajaj has launched a brand new entry-level Pulsar. And Bajaj being Bajaj, it has priced the new Pulsar 125 Neon quite aggressively at Rs 64,000 (ex-showroom Delhi). If you are planning to buy the baby Pulsar, here are the top five things that you need to know about it:

Almost the same power as the Pulsar 150!

Don’t get fooled by the ‘125’ prefix, because the new Pulsar 125 Neon’s 125cc powerplant produces 12PS of power and 11Nm of torque, which is just 2PS and 2Nm less than the Pulsar 150! The engine is carburetted, but expect the fuel injected version to be launched once the new emission norms kick in.

Significantly affordable than its bigger cousin

With a starting price of Rs 64,000 (drum brake variant), the Pulsar 125 Neon is around Rs 20,000 more affordable than the Pulsar 150, making it one cracker of a deal. Not only do you get to save a significant amount of money, but you also get almost the same power as the 150cc variant.

It gets similar underpinnings as well

Although it’s the most affordable Pulsar on sale right now, Bajaj hasn’t skimped on the cycle parts. The suspension setup, braking hardware, wheels and so on are carried over from the Pulsar 150 Neon. So what you get is a Pulsar 150 in an affordable package.

Looks exactly like the Pulsar 150 Neon

If you keep the neon editions of the Pulsar 125 and the Pulsar 150 side by side, it will be quite hard to differentiate them. The only visual difference between both models is the stickers and the Pulsar 125 Neon’s new blue/black paint option.

A sporty alternative to the usual 125cc motorcycles

The current crop of 125cc bikes in India consists of the Hero Glamour, Hero Super Splendor, CB Shine SP and the Yamaha Saluto RX. Now, these are all conventional motorcycles and the only “sporty” enough alternative in this segment is the KTM 125 Duke, which costs a whopping Rs 1.3 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai). The Pulsar 125 Neon, on the other hand, costs as much as conventional 125cc motorcycles but stands to offer performance from a segment above.