Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Cars In Demand: Hyundai Creta, Maruti S-Cross Top Segment Sales In January 2019

Hyundai’s Creta continues to dominate the compact SUV segment despite new arrivals

  • The Nissan Kicks was a new addition to the compact SUV segment.

  • Only 164 units of the Renault Captur were sold during the first month of 2019.

  • Honda managed to sell only 363 units of the BR-V during the same period.

The compact SUV segment has been a bit of a mixed bag for manufacturers over the last couple of months. While the demand for some SUVs have risen, it has fallen drastically for others. However, the order of ranking has pretty much remained the same. There has been one new addition to the segment in the form of Nissan Kicks. Let’s take a look at the table below to find out which of these SUVs were a hit in the month of January.


  1. Hyundai Creta is still the undisputed king: Ever since its launch in 2015, the Creta has been dominating this segment. While its sales figures did witness a slight dip in December 2018, it has returned to form in January 2019, raking in five-digit sales figures like before. The dip in sales in December 2018 can be attributed to the fact that car buyers generally hold off on purchasing a new vehicle in the last month of the year so that they can get their hands on a car from the new model year as these command better resale values if and when the owner decides to sell it.

  2. Maruti S-Cross has made the second spot its own: With not much competition for the second spot in the list, Maruti’s S-Cross has been able to nail this position down for itself. While it is no way a threat to the Creta, with average sales of 2,542 units in the past six months, it has managed to make the runners-up spot its own.

  3. Cumulative sales of Renault cross the 1,000 mark: Renault has two SUVs in this segment, the Captur (164 units) and Duster (900 units). And the sales figures of both SUVs combined stand at 1,064. Less than half of the number S-Cross units (2,420) sold in January. It’s safe to say that while the Duster is a saving grace for Renault, the Captur is just not able to find enough takers in the country.

  4. Nissan Kicks impresses in first month: The Kicks was launched in the last 10 days of January and it still managed to rake in a sales figure of 1,370 units. That is quite impressive to say the least. Will it be able to sustain the momentum? Only time will tell. However, the Kicks is off to a good start.

  5. Honda BR-V finishes penultimate in the list: While the BR-V may have finished ahead of the Captur in the list, its performance is in no way something to boast about. With an average sales figure of 399 units for the past six months, the BR-V could not even beat that number in January in 2019. With 363 units sold, the BR-V currently commands a market share of just 2.41 per cent.