June 18, 2021
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22Kymco iFlow’s Ionex Battery Technology Explained

The iFlow introduces the concept of swappable battery technology in India

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22Kymco iFlow’s Ionex Battery Technology Explained
22Kymco iFlow’s Ionex Battery Technology Explained

22Kymco has shown big promise by entering the Indian two-wheeler segment with two ICE scooters, the Like 200 and the X-Town 300i ABS, and the iFlow, a jointly-developed e-scooter by 22Motors and Kymco based on the Flow. Of all the unique bits about the iFlow, Kymco’s patented swappable battery technology platform called Ionex is what stands out the most. The solution is quite simple and will be one of the biggest solutions for solving the issue of range anxiety.

What exactly is Ionex? Kymco debuted the swappable battery technology at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show with the Nice EV and Many EV. The scooters had two types of batteries, a fixed core battery and removable battery units. Even if the core depletes, it can charge itself by draining the juice from the removable units. Each one of the swappable Ionex batteries weigh 5kg as Kymco wants other electric players to also adopt them and get rid of worrying about battery problems.

However, the iFlow does not adopt the above wholly. It does have the provision to plonk two Ionex batteries but it does not have a core unit like Kymco’s products. This means that you will have to keep at least one battery charged to ride the iFlow. There is no on-board charging system. But rather, 22Kymco will provide you a charging station to charge the batteries within the confines of your own house. The philosophy is to charge the batteries like you would do with your smartphone.

The main advantage of using a technology such as this is that there will be charging stations set up across cities where there will be charged units at Ionex power stations. You only need to pay a nominal fee of Rs 50 in order to swap out your dead battery for a fresh one.

Source: zigwheels.com

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