June 15, 2021
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All The Glorious Colours Of The Royal Enfield Twins, Explained

We explain the two 650cc twin’s colour variants and their prices

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All The Glorious Colours Of The Royal Enfield Twins, Explained
All The Glorious Colours Of The Royal Enfield Twins, Explained

The much-awaited Royal Enfield 650cc twins have finally launched in India. (Read launch story here). Pricing for the Interceptor starts from below Rs 3 lakh on-road, making it the most affordable 650cc motorcycle sold in the country. We rode it and felt it to be a fantastic value-for-money proposition. While the Interceptor 650 is available in six colours, the Continental GT 650 comes in five colours. In fact, the bikes are priced differently according to the colours offered. We explain why.

Interceptor 650:

The base Interceptor costs Rs 2.89 lakh (on-road, Delhi) and comes in three metallic colours: Orange Crush, Mark Three (Black) and Silver Spectre. Other than the metallic paint scheme 3D logo on the fuel tank, they receive no cosmetic embellishments. For a bit more premium (Rs 2.97 lakh), you can choose from two-two tone paint jobs. They are Baker Express (white and red) and Ravishing Red (red and black).

Both these bikes get two paint schemes on the fuel tank with a ‘Royal Enfield’ sticker logo that has been lacquered over.

The top-spec Glitter and Dust (Rs 3.10 lakh) features a chrome-coated fuel tank and a 3D RE logo. The premium pricing is due to the expensive chrome coating process.

Continental GT 650:

The base Continental GT 850 costs Rs 3.05 lakh (on-road Delhi) and comes in two metallic colour options: Black Magic and Ventura Blue (sky blue). For Rs 8,000 more (Rs 3.13 lakh), you can opt two two-tone colour paint schemes: Dr. Mayhem (grey and black) and Ice Queen (white and grey).

While Dr. Mayhem gets a proper two-tone paint job on the tank, Ice Queen gets a white fuel tank with a thick grey stripe running down the side. Both get a small RE logo sticker on the side. The top-spec Mister Clean variant gets a chrome fuel tank with a 3D RE logo. Not sure which colour to go for? Click here to read our choice of colour for both variants. Other than the change in colours, the Interceptor and Continental GT 650 have no change in specifications. You can however customise both bikes with official RE accessories.

Source: zigwheels.com

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