Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023

Cibil Report

Healthy CIBIL Score

Maintaining A Healthy CIBIL Score: Best Practices For Each Range

Checking the report and correcting any errors on time can boost your score and help you monitor for fraudulent activities. Thus, check the report regularly to assess your financial standing and prevent any damage that can...

21 July 2023

oan Enquiries Rise In Rural, Semi-Urban Areas; Lenders Cautious, Reveals CIBIL Report

Loan Enquiries Rise In Rural, Semi-Urban Areas; Lenders Cautious, Reveals CIBIL Report

TransUnion CIBIL has come out with an insightful CMI loan report, highlighting the current Indian retail loan trends across urban and rural geographies, and sectors, such as retail, auto, home and cards.

23 July 2022

Are You Instead Of Your Developer Paying EMIs Under Subvention Scheme? There’s A Way Out

Delhi HC’s interim order restrains lenders from coercive action on borrowers under subvention scheme and directs them to provide appropriate information to Cibil authorities on non-payment of EMIs by builders

31 March 2022

Young Indians Drive Credit Demand, Growth In Consumption-Led Credit Products: CIBIL Report

The latest edition of Credit Market Indicator (CMI) report says that for the first time, consumers between the 18-30 age group accounted for the largest proportion of credit inquiries in the quarter ending September 2022

03 February 2023

Top Five Reasons That Could Affect Your Overall Credit Score

A good credit score is the first thing that lending institutions check before extending a loan. Here’s what you can do to maintain a good credit score and not get rejected for a loan

06 April 2022

Number of Women Borrowers Rises to 54 Million

More Women Are Taking Credit; Number of Women Borrowers Rises to 54 Million, Finds Study

Number of women borrowers is increasing but they are still only 29 per cet of all borrowers, finds a TransUnion Cibil report on participation of women in India's retail credit market. Personal loans are the most popular.

07 March 2022

Credit Awareness Among Gen Z Is Fairly High, Non-Metros See 96% Increase In Self-Monitoring Consumers: Report

Data provided by TransUnion CIBIL showed that new consumers who self-monitor their credit profiles rose to 23.8 million between October 2021 and September 2022 from the same period a year ago.

29 November 2022



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