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‘How Much More?’ – Demetrious Johnson Uncertain About Future After ONE Fight Night 10

‘How Much More?’ – Demetrious Johnson Uncertain About Future After ONE Fight Night 10

The MMA legend will face rival Adriano Moraes in a blockbuster World Title trilogy fight on May 5 in Colorado.

For the first time in nearly five years, reigning ONE Flyweight World Champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson will compete in front of family and friends on United States soil.

In the main event of ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime Video – the organization’s historic North American debut – the MMA legend will defend his belt against Adriano Moraes in a World Title trilogy showdown that has the combat sports community buzzing.

Set to go down at 1stBank Center in Colorado on May 5, that matchup won’t just be Johnson’s chance to seal the rivalry in his favor and solidify his status as the MMA GOAT.

It’s also an opportunity to put on a show in front of those closest to him – back in the country where he was born, raised, and lives to this day.

The 36-year-old told

“I think personally, the biggest thing is just having my children there. They’ve seen me fight on television, obviously. So that’s probably the coolest thing.

“And to have my friends and family be there after such a long hiatus away from America, that’s a really cool feeling. And then professionally, I think it just shows the investment that ONE Championship has made in me to be able to carry a torch into the first event.”


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For Johnson’s three children, it will be a new experience to see their father do what he does best.

While the flyweight king is close with his kids, he doesn’t bring them to sessions at AMC Pankration in their home of Washington State, so they rarely get to witness their iconic father in action.

DJ said:

“For them, there is this excitement to see me compete. Because like I said, they don’t come to the gym. They don’t train. It’s just cool to have them be there, to see me compete because they don’t see me train.”


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Now just days away from the biggest World Title fight in ONE history, “Mighty Mouse” remains focused on Moraes, well aware that the outcome of this bout will have a lasting impact on his legacy.

But despite the high-stakes nature of this contest in terms of his MMA career, Johnson says the security of his family life removes any mental stress he might otherwise be feeling:

“For me, no pressure because at the end of the day, regardless if I win, lose, draw, I’m going to go back home, take care of my kids.” 


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Johnson Waiting For ‘Right Time’ To Reveal Plans

After spending a decade competing at the highest levels of MMA, winning 13 World Title fights along the way, Demetrious Johnson may be approaching the end of his illustrious career.

It’s a topic that’s been gaining considerable attention in recent days – and one that Johnson admits he is thinking about, too.

Ahead of his World Title defense against Adriano Moraes at ONE Fight Night 10, the reigning flyweight titleholder says he still has some gas left in the tank, but he’s certainly open to the question of retirement:

“I still feel I can go out one or two or three years, but there’s a part of me where I feel like, you know, we have the see. I want to see what happens. Like I feel like fatherhood, I love my children. I love my wife. I love being here for them.”


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Given how much he enjoys quality time with his wife and children, Johnson knows that with each blockbuster fight and the weeks-long camp that goes along with it, he’s spending less and less time with his loved ones.

Considering that reality, “Mighty Mouse” says the future after May 5 remains uncertain, but that he’ll be ready to speak more openly after taking care of business in Colorado.

He added:

“I feel sometimes that training camps take me away from that. Which, it’s my job. But, you know, there’s part of me, it’s like, ‘How much more? How much more?’

“And I think after this fight’s done, I’ll be more transparent of why I say this might be my last fight or this horse’s last ride or whatever. But I think to like divulge it all and stuff right now, it just wouldn’t be the right time.”


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