Dead fish

A brightly colored dead fish floats on the surface of Suesca lagoon, in Suesca, Colombia. The basin which is dependent on runoff has suffered severe deforestation and erosion, which together with the added impact of climate change has led to a significant reduction of its water level.

AP Photo/Fernando Vergara

Dead fish float on the surface of a stream near the Nanjundapuram check dam in Coimbatore.

PTI Photo

Civic workers remove dead fish floating at a partially dried up lake in Ambattur, Chennai. Many water bodies in the city are running dry in hot weather.

AP Photo/ R.Parthibhan

Dead fish float in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro. About 21 tons of fish died in the Rio de Janeiro lagoon, while city authorities and biologists argue about the cause of the die-off.

AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo

Dead carp float in the Euphrates River, near the town of Hindiyah, 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Baghdad, Iraq. Officials and fishermen are at a loss to explain how hundreds of tons of carp have suddenly died in fish farms in the Euphrates River, fueling anxieties about soaring water pollution. Local authorities used excavators to skim dead fish from the river surface, where residents and local farmers have long complained about substandard water management.


Bernard Breton, on vacation from Canada, fishes near Tulip Ave., surrounded by dead fish on Cocoa Beach, Florida. Red tide has been slowly moving up the east coast in recent weeks, with a visible fish kill in Cocoa Beach. Thousands of dead fish lined the beach, mostly between 4th St. North and Lori Wilson Park.