Rising Above The Rest - Chandigarh's Five Entrepreneurs Who Dominated 2023

In this article, we highlight five remarkable business leaders from Chandigarh who have not only made significant strides in their respective industries but have also set new paradigms of success.

Chandigarh's Five Entrepreneurs

Chandigarh, a city synonymous with vibrancy and progress, has emerged as a hub of entrepreneurial dynamism in 2023. As the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, it has always been at the forefront of economic and cultural development. This year, it's not just the city's lush greenery and bustling markets that are drawing attention, but a group of exceptional entrepreneurs who are redefining the essence of business innovation and leadership.

In this article, we highlight five remarkable business leaders from Chandigarh who have not only made significant strides in their respective industries but have also set new paradigms of success. Their journeys are a compelling blend of resilience, strategic innovation, and impactful contributions to the business community. These narratives are not just stories of individual triumphs; they represent the spirit of Chandigarh's evolving and vibrant entrepreneurial landscape. Join us as we delve into the lives of these five visionaries, who truly stood out in 2023.

Ayushi Hora: Founder, Hashtag Media

Ayushi Hora, at 18, transformed her collegiate boredom into a groundbreaking entrepreneurial journey. Self-improvement and societal contribution were her initial steps, leading to empowering over 5,000 individuals through specialized training. Ayushi’s venture into the corporate world, combined with her educational endeavors, laid a robust foundation for her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Six years ago, Ayushi established Hashtag Media, addressing a critical market need for effective lead generation. The company rapidly garnered a prestigious clientele, including Headmasters and Apollo Clinic, demonstrating her keen business acumen. Her journey is an epitome of self-reliance; she self-financed her education and entrepreneurial ventures, firmly believing in the ethos of starting from zero.

Today, Ayushi steers not just Hashtag Media, offering comprehensive brand consultancy and marketing solutions, but also a second venture specializing in customized uniforms and corporate gifting. Her story of perseverance, innovation, and determination serves as a beacon of inspiration in Chandigarh’s business landscape.

Vivvek Johar – Co Founder - The Gift Bboutique (Corporate Gifting Experts)

Vivvek Johar, transitioning from a 21-year corporate career, founded The Gift Bboutique in 2020, a corporate gifting company based in Chandigarh. Embracing the philosophy of “Hug Your Customers,” he focused on the unique approach of addressing business “don’ts,” swiftly onboarding some marquee clients. Johar's belief in customer’s trust as a competitive advantage has positioned his venture distinctively in the market. Starting from a one-room office, The Gift Bboutique has expanded to a larger space and a experience center, reflecting its growth.

The company, under Vivvek Johar's vision, aims to revolutionize the corporate gifting sector, emphasizing understanding the recipient's profile for personalized experiences. Catering to over 200 organizations like Reckitt, L&T, Schindler, GMR, PGI and Chitkara University, the company offers a diverse portfolio from gadgets to customized hampers. Recently, Luxlife Magazine recognized The Gift Bboutique as the Best Corporate Gifting Solutions Provider in Punjab, testament to its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Tejveer Saini – Founder,

In the heart of Chandigarh, stands as a beacon of architectural innovation and excellence, under the leadership of Ar. Tejveer Saini. A proud alumnus of Guru Nanak Dev University, Saini has quickly emerged as a visionary in urban planning and architectural design. With a flourishing career spanning four years, his firm has made a significant mark nationwide, offering bespoke design solutions that seamlessly marry aesthetics with functionality.’s journey, which began in 2019, transcends beyond mere business. Saini’s commitment to societal upliftment is evident in his active involvement with Rotary International, underscoring his belief in using his expertise for community welfare. This blend of professional mastery and social responsibility sets apart.

The studio’s portfolio boasts collaboration with prestigious clients like AVA Hotel, Le Ayat Cafe, and Burger Hub, alongside numerous residential projects. Each undertaking reflects Saini’s passion for design and a relentless pursuit of perfection, positioning him as a standout leader in Chandigarh's dynamic business landscape.

Aditya Ohri - Managing Director, Fistech Pvt. Ltd

At just 28, Aditya Ohri, an MBA graduate in Marketing and International Business, is making significant strides in the fenestration industry as the Managing Director of Fistech Pvt. Ltd. His company specializes in manufacturing uPVC and System Aluminium windows, driven by a commitment to sustainable and innovative green solutions. Ohri's vision for Fistech is centered around enhancing living experiences while contributing to the global movement towards zero carbon emissions.

Fistech's uPVC windows, known for being recyclable up to ten times, offer sound and air insulation, setting them apart in the market. A remarkable feature of these system windows is their efficient manufacturing and installation process, taking less than a third of the time compared to traditional wood windows.

These maintenance-free, termite-proof windows are showcased in Fistech’s experience center, where over 25 systems are installed, allowing clients to preview the product before final delivery. Serving a range of institutional projects, Fistech's esteemed clientele includes Building Design Architects (Ar. Sandeep Chakravarty), Shardia Associates (Ar. Manuj Shardia), Arch Space (Ar. Abhishek Mangla) and many more, highlighting the company's prominence in the industry.

Gurjot Singh - Founder, House of Cuisines

Gurjot Singh's House of Cuisines stands as a testament to culinary artistry and innovation. Established in 2019 in Chandigarh, this premier catering company has quickly become synonymous with exceptional gastronomic experiences, catering to a vast array of events across North India. Singh, an engineer turned gastronome, has skilfully blended his technical acumen with his passion for food, leading his venture to remarkable heights.

House of Cuisines is renowned for transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with its array of seasonal cuisines. The team, comprising master chefs, excels in crafting dishes that resonate with diverse taste preferences, ensuring every meal is a journey in itself. Specializing in weddings, corporate events, destination catering, and more, they have earned accolades for their innovative approach.


Their impressive client list includes prestigious names like Amaltas, Novotel, and Hotel Lalit, alongside notable political events such as the G20 summit. Singh's journey with House of Cuisines is a brilliant example of how passion, coupled with expertise, can redefine an industry.