Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

A Look At The Funny Side Of Life, Through Poems And Cartoons

Hardened truths delivered under the guise of melodic verse, combined with a lively sketch by Goa-based cartoonist and author Alex Fernandes

Stance against apathy: Alexyz’s reaction to the circumstances that led to the tribal rights activist leader, Fr Stan Swamy’s death

That I’m a Shakespeare or Shelly I never croon.
But courtesy Edward Lear I love to lampoon
For every rhyme there’s a reason
Whatever the weather or blessed season
Then with my pen and paint I light up my thoughts into a Limertoon

Limertoon’, the portmanteau of limerick (a five-line poem with rhyme scheme AABBA) and cartoon, was coined by the man who loves wordplay; his verse above elaborates this reasoning. Even his own pseudonym, Alexyz, was inspired by Anthony Quinn’s ebullient character Alexis Zorba in Zorba the Greek (1964), as an attempt to outshine competition with a common Christian name, Alex Fernandes. The Mumbai born-bred St Xavier’s College alumnus gave up on his football dreams after an injury, joined and quit advertising within a year because “I couldn’t keep telling lies”, moved to Siolim to start an NGO with friends, before switching to cartooning fulltime.

Limertoon titled: Children, Please Don’t Sell Our Heritage  “Children, please don’t sell our home, o
Limertoon titled Children, Please Don’t Sell Our Heritage “Children, please don’t sell our home, our heritage, our identity,” Cried Mt Falcao of Margao, full of fire and fury; You may get ten crore, a flat or two And you’ll party every day, see the world too! But by selling your heridentity You’ll sell your soul and good old Goa Will be just a page in history!