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Republic Day: TV Celebs Share Memories Of This National Holiday

Some of the popular television celebrities speak up about the significance of Republic Day and also share some memories. Here’s what they have to say on this special occasion.

Republic Day: TV Celebs Share Memories Of This National Holiday
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January 26 is an important day in the lives of every Indian. It is the day when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. Many feel that the day has just become another holiday for everyone, watching flag hoisting by the President of India in Delhi on our TV sets. Kids, however, do attend flag hoisting in school and reminisce about the history of the day.

TV celebs talk about the importance of the day and whether the special day has merely become a holiday for everyone. They also share their favourite patriotic song.

Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin BhasinJasmin Bhasin

It is true that January 26 is just a holiday these days. January 26 used to be a big thing in my school in Kota, Rajasthan. Our school used to have flag hoisting and we were given sweets and chocolates. Those days are just a memory now. Every one of us should do our bit for the country. I am proud to be an Indian and we are surely a progressive nation.

Hemal Dev

Hemal DevHemal Dev

January 26 is also special for me. There is a very interesting custom that we follow in my hometown Kolhapur. We eat jalebis on that day, there are small pandals put up on the roadside and it is celebrated as a festival where everyone comes together and gathers in the morning. It also feels special to attend flag hoisting in various schools as guests or participants. My favourite patriotic song is the one from 'Raazi' - ‘Ae watan mere aabad rahe tu’.

Delnaaz Irani

Delnaaz IraniDelnaaz Irani

When we were in school we understood the importance of Republic Day. After we grew up, we were so busy in our lives that we took it just like a holiday. Sometimes we go for flag hoisting or we don't even do that. Most of us take it as a holiday. I am a very proud Indian. I love my country and respect all the freedom fighters. I have been a history student for years and I have loved the subject. I have understood the entire freedom struggle for our country and how Republic Day came into existence. Each one of us has respect but we are too busy in our lives to think about it. Everybody should understand that we have had people who have laid down their lives for the freedom of our nation and what we are giving our country in return is nothing. We should respect our culture and values and we should give something to our country in return, be it in the form of Swach Bharat or just maintaining and following rules, keeping our surroundings clean and healthy, care for each other etc. Let's take a moment and do something worthwhile. My favourite patriotic song is ‘Kar chale hum fida’.

Sham Mashalkar

Sham MashalkarSham Mashalkar

My favourite patriotic song is ‘Ae mere vatan ke logo, zara aakh me bhar lo Pani’ and yes we do flag hoisting in our society. I make my son listen to the story of shaurya and virangana on this day. I feel that yes we are just taking it as a holiday but we can do a lot of things like growing five to ten trees and doing something in our small way. We can educate people or I can give free lectures on acting that day to those who are interested. We can do something which benefits the upcoming generation. I feel that positive changes take place in people's mindset.

Charrul Malik

Charrul MalikCharrul Malik

Absolutely right and all of us do it. It's a mistake which we all have been doing since many years but I have been in a field where every year we have celebrated 26th January with pomp and show. These days people celebrate in societies but somewhere people don't attend it and there is no charm left. They have become lethargic. Our constitution came into force on this day and it's a very important day. We should not just keep this at school. The zest and enthusiasm have been dulling out. I feel it's with every festival. People are taking on too much stress these days and have become negative and overthink a lot. On any important day related to our culture people just eat out and relax and feel that it's done. We should follow our rituals and definitely celebrate this day properly.

Pranav Misshra

Tableaux are one important and interesting aspect of the Republic Day parade and I remember my father asking me to record the states and ministries with their theme tableaux, and to appreciate the different states put up their culture and the forces and technology that protects us. Later we used to write a note or an article on the same, and we're supposed to submit it to our school teacher. In fact even today I enjoy watching them. The day is a great reminder to pay our tribute to our national heroes.

Farman Haider

For most of us, Republic Day memories come from the customary school celebrations. There was something about the flag hoisting ceremony, the petals showering out of the flag while it unfolded, and the national anthem sung by hundreds of people together that made all of us feel proud and patriotic. I remember the sweet distribution and later enjoying the annual sports event. It is a major miss. The day holds a major significance in our lives and encourages us to participate to be thankful for our country, freedom fighters for making us independent and republic.

Kunal Jaisingh

Republic day is fun family time. I enjoy sitting at home with my family and enjoy watching the Republic day parade and listening to our President and Prime Minister giving speeches to the nation. Watching the Republic Day parade with family was a tradition. Having an early bath and getting ready by 8 am (even on a holiday) was so mandatory. And an analysis of the parade over lunch was a must later! The day brings in patriotic fervour and makes us think about our duties toward the nation.

Sandeep Kumaar

With a series of patriotic movies on TV, the day was a complete package of celebration. Who can forget the telecast of popular movies like 'Haqeeqat', 'Do Aankhe Barah Haath' and many such golden tales like 'Border' and 'Sainik'. Overall, if I really put all these golden moments together, we used to be excited about the tri-color decorations, flag hoisting at school, and watching the parade with the family. It was a different experience and an experience that's only in our memories now.