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Rahul Vaidya, Vivek Agnihotri, Aly Goni, Kusha Kapila Slam Poonam Pandey After Fake Death Stunt: ‘Shameful’

After the fake news of her death grabbed attention, Poonam Pandey has come out and said that she faked her demise.

Poonam Pandey

On February 2, news of model-actor Poonam Pandey’s death made headlines, and the next day, on February 3, the controversial actress came out and said that she faked her demise as she wanted to start a conversation around cervical cancer.

Poonam took to Instagram, where she shared a video and spoke about why she did so. “Hi everyone it's Poonam. I am sorry to those whom I have hurt. My intention is to shock everyone into the conversation that we are not talking enough about cervical cancer,” she said, adding, “Yes, I faked my demise.” She further wrote, “Extreme I know. But suddenly we all are talking about cervical cancer. This disease silently takes your life and this disease needs the spotlight urgently. I am proud of what my death news has been able to achieve.”

However, several celebrities, including her own friends from the entertainment industry, were not happy with her publicity stunt and called her ‘insensitive’ to pull off something like this.

‘The Kashmir Files’ director Vivek Agnihotri wrote on X, “With the emerging challenges of SM, I think there should be some regulations, specially, for the newsmakers and those who call themselves influencers. Normalising sensationalism and gimmicks is dangerous. Fake death news is just the beginning. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya (just wait and watch).”

Sonal Chauhan tweeted, “Absolutely Shameful !!! A whole new low!!! Death is not a joke. Cheap and in such poor taste. One needs a to draw a line somewhere.” Aly Goni shared on X, “Fu**ing cheap publicity stunt it was nothing else.. you guys think it’s funny? You and your PR team should be boycotted I swear.. bl***y losers and to all the media portals we people here trust you that’s why we believed it.. shame on you all..”

Singer Rahul Vaidya commented, “And I was right!! Now that Poonam is alive, I can surely say RIP PR/ marketing. New low of creating a sensational/viral campaign .. welcome to kalyug.” 

Kusha Kapila said, “Here is an agency behind this. Someone actually came up with idea and also greenlit it I cannot.” Riddhi Dogra added, “I don’t blame her or the PR Team. They thought of the idea and knew it’ll be crazy. I blame media and journalists who have reported an Insta post as news without fact checking, they have taken an oath to tell the truth. But seems the oath’s meaning has changed to ‘sell people anything with screams and antics and they’ll buy it coz they’re stupid.’”

Siddhant Kapoor wrote, “Faking your own death for publicity should be a punishable crime . Disgusting.” Sophie Choudry shared, “We all knew it was a stunt and the fact that almost all the media houses carried the news without verifying is just ridiculous.”

‘Bigg Boss 14’ fame Aly Goni expressed his anger, "Fucking cheap publicity stunt it was nothing guys think its funny? U and your PR team should be boycotted I swear...bloody losers."

Taking to Instagram, Shardul Pandit shared a video, "Not cool @poonampandeyreal not cool whoever came up with the idea, whoever convinced you, not cool whoever thought this is a good awareness.”

Esha Gupta commented during Poonam's latest livestream, "From a child of a cancer survivor, this is not the way to raise awareness for making people bad about you loss...this is ONLY a publicity stunt."

Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Nikki Tamboli wrote, “Absolute cheapness ! It's disheartening to witness the depths some individuals will sink to for a momentary spotlight. Faking one's death, especially in the context of a serious illness like cancer, is not just tasteless but downright disrespectful. It trivializes the very real struggles that millions face worldwide and breaks the trust of those who genuinely care. Let's not reward such attention-seeking behavior with our attention.”

Actor Kushal Tandon shared, “How stupid and how lame it is to fake your death. It’s sad and alarming. I think it will be right to put the person and their entire PR team behind bars to set an example for the future for no nonsense fake news.” The ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ fame Sheezan Khan commented, “#Disgusting, Shameful. Inko maut mazak lagti hai!”

It was on Friday that news about Poonam succumbing to cancer at 32 made the headlines after a statement was put on her Instagram. Work wise, Poonam made her Bollywood debut in 2013 with the film 'Nasha'.