Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

Palak Purswani: TV Has Become Monotonous, Every Story Is Either Mythology Or Saas-Bahu Drama

Actress Palak Purswani plays a pivotal role in the web series ‘Roohaniyat.’ The web show also stars Arjun Bijlani and Kanika Mann.

Palak Purswani
Palak Purswani Credit: Instagram

Television actress Palak Purswani, who plays a major role in the web series ‘Roohaniyat’, says that the way of working in OTT and in television is very different. Purswani says that everything is done with a lot of perfection in OTT, as compared to television shows. 

“In OTT everything is so perfect, everything is captured with perfection. Every character is built so well, and they deeply enhance the character in every possible way. In television, we take things a bit leniently but on the web that is not the case. We had workshops before doing the characters in ‘Roohaniyat’, and you get to polish your character, all those things are different from how we shoot on television. I think it is not as hectic as TV is. I’ve worked for 15 hours in a day, and that gets very hectic, tiring and monotonous, web is a bit chill, by seeing at a perspective from the scenes we perform,” she said in an interview with News 18.

She also adds that there is a lot of experimentation happening on the web in terms of stories. “For TV, we have an audience is more rural, and we have an urban audience for web shows. So, for a web show comparatively, the audience we cater to is the youth. So, the storyline is very urban and youthful, and that is different from television because television itself has become so monotonous, every other story is either mythology, or saas-bahu drama, or a love triangle story, and in every TV show, we see there is a negative and positive character.”

‘Roohaniyat’ also stars Arjun Bijlani and Kanika Mann. The romantic drama revolves around a businessman Saveer Rathod, played by Bijlani, who doesn’t believe in love after losing the love of his life. Prisha, played by Mann, is a 19-year-old who falls in love with Rathod.