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Netflix Puts Will Smith's 'Fast And Loose' Production On Hold Following His Oscars Incident

Streaming giant Netflix has put the production of Will Smith starrer 'Fast and Loose' on hold after the slapping incident involving the actor at the Oscars. Actor Will Smith is beginning to face the consequences due to the incident and this might be just the beginning.

Will Smith

Actor Will Smith’s infamous slap incident at the Oscars is already costing him. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has put ‘Fast and Loose’ starring Smith on hold. 

For those unaware, actor-comedian Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaven head at the Oscars. Will Smith lost his cool after the joke about his wife and went up on the stage and slapped the actor-comedian. 

A week ahead of the awards, director David Leitch left ‘Fast and Loose’ and has shifted to ‘Fall Guy’ starring Ryan Gosling, according to the Indian Express. After Leitch left, Netflix began the search for a new director for Will Smith’s movie. However, after the incident at the Oscars 2022, “Netflix quietly moved the project to the back burner.” 

Will Smith will be seen as a crime boss in the film. He will play the role of a man who finds out that he has been living two lives, one as the crime boss and the other as an undercover CIA agent. 

However, ‘Fast and Loose’ is just the beginning and there are chances that Smith might be taken off from his other projects as well. Three talent agents who were associated with Will Smith’s upcoming projects revealed to The New York Times that there had been indications hinting that some of his projects could hang in the balance.

Will Smith’s upcoming projects include the high-prestige drama ‘Emancipation’ alongside Kevin Hart and the second instalment of a travel series for National Geographic on Disney+ Hotstar.

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