May 13, 2021
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Top 4 Feature-packed Scooters In India

We list our pick of some of the most feature-packed scooters on sale in the country right now

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Top 4 Feature-packed Scooters In India
Top 4 Feature-packed Scooters In India

Scooters have come a long way, from being a simple mode of commuting to resembling something out of a sci-fi movie in some cases. Here, we take a look at some of the most feature-packed scooters you can buy in India right now.

4) TVS Jupiter Grande

Top 4 Feature -packed Scooters In India

The TVS Jupiter has quickly become a household name, second only to the Honda Activa. However, with it being on sale for a long time now, it had started to show its age a bit. To keep things fresh, the folks at TVS has updated the scooter with a special edition variant called the TVS Jupiter Grande. As a part of the update, the Grande now comes with LED headlamps with position lamps, a semi-digital instrument cluster and an independent adjustable rear shock absorbers. 

Top 4 Feature -packed Scooters In India

While the semi-digital instrument console is nothing new and we’ve already seen it on its arch rival, the Honda Activa 5G, this digital display can also read out the percentage you’ve ridden in eco mode. This helps the rider optimize his ride style for better fuel efficiency. Other noteworthy features include a low fuel indicator, external fuel filler cap and an USB charging socket. The former two again are absent on the Activa. 

3) Suzuki Burgman Street

While we’re still some time, or maybe years away from getting a proper maxi scooter, Suzuki has decided to fill the void for now by launching the Burgman Street in India. And just like its older sibling, the Burgman 650, the Burgman Street comes loaded with all sorts of convenience features. This includes LED head and tail lamps, and a fully digital instrument cluster which displays readouts like odometer, fuel range, service reminder and an oil-change indicator. Adding more to the practicality front there’s also 21.5 litres of storage space on offer here, which should be enough to carry weekly groceries. Another noteworthy feature of the Burgman includes its extended floorboard, which allows the rider to rest his feet over long distance hauls.

2) TVS NTorq

The TVS NTorq simply blows away its competition when it comes to packing rider-friendly goodies. Starting with the piece de resistance, the NTorq gets a fully digital instrument cluster with TVS' SmartXConnect. Once connected with its smartphone app, it allows the rider to generate his ride report, view distance covered, top speed achieved and even locate his parked scooter!

If you’re not impressed by this, the digital display also features GPS guidance to find nearby fuel pumps, hospitals and service stations. In addition to this you also get a ‘Do not disturb ‘ mode, which, as you can guess, auto-replies with an SMS while riding and also send an overtaking alert. Switch the toggle to ‘Race Mode’ and you can record top speeds and lap times, just like the Apache RTR 200 4V’s console. 

Enhancing its practicality bits, the NTorq gets a 22-litre underseat storage with LED boot light. Then there’s also the USB charging socket to charge your phone on the go. However, in our tests we found the smartphones to heat up quite a bit while charging. Surprisingly however, the NTorq misses out on LED headlamps, which are offered as standard on every scooter on this list. 

1) Ather 450

In a nutshell, the Ather 450 looks like it has time travelled back from the future. The evidence of this can be seen in its edgy design and plethora of features on offer. Focusing on the latter, it gets a 7-inch touchscreen unit which comes with GPS navigation (Google Maps as opposed to Map my India offered on the NTorq), vehicle diagnostics, troubleshooting options and more. 

In addition to this, you can manage calls and messages and choose different riding modes: Eco and Sports. There’s also an AI system in place which observes the rider’s riding style and frequent destinations. It then collects this data and modify the scooter’s setting for more convenient charging times and navigation routes. The Ather app gets a reverse assist system which allows the rider to throttle backwards at the speed of 2kmph. Once you’ve backed up enough, you can just switch to forward mode by clicking the starter button. Lastly, the Ather 450 gets a massive 26 litres of storage, which yes, is enough to fit a full-face helmet.


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