May 14, 2021
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Gen5 Smartwatch Review

The Fossil Gen5 Smartwatch Aims At Enhancing User's Experience

Key features of this smartwatch are cardio fitness tracking, optimised activity tracker, sleep tracker and a better user interface. Price range starts from Rs 22995 and it is available on Amazon.

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The Fossil Gen5 Smartwatch Aims At Enhancing User's Experience
Fossil Gen5 Smartwatch
The Fossil Gen5 Smartwatch Aims At Enhancing User's Experience

Fossil announces the release of a new software update for the Gen5 smartwatch that aims at enhancing every user’s experience. These tech enhancements offer an array of health tracking features as well as features for battery optimization.

As user well-being is of utmost priority, the Gen5 Smartwatch offers a hand-wash timer that allows users to scrub up, safely. Additionally, it enables users to avoid touching high-contact surfaces with voice commands. 

Here’s a quick look at the all-new exclusive software enhancements:


Break a sweat without losing the charge with new battery-saving workouts. The new Wellness App monitors real-time metrics and optimizes battery life by shifting power consumption off the main processor. Track the essential health readouts you truly care about like heart rate, pace, distance, steps, calories and more.


Track sleep history, monitor your restfulness and set sleep goals. With the Gen 5’s ability to quickly charge (50 Minutes to 80%) and enhanced battery modes, the watch can be worn all day and night. Charge while getting ready in the morning and go — effectively enabling 24/7 wearability.


Cardio Fitness Level, or VO2 max, is one of the best indicators of overall cardiorespiratory health and is often used in tracking long-term health. The new tracker shows an estimation of VO2 max using resting heart rate and user biometrics (age, gender, weight) to display an approximated overall fitness level over time.


Updates include custom profile creation and a simplified design for easier readability. Custom Mode now allows users to save an individual profile to fit your life (create a mode for workouts or after-work hours and more) and quickly access. To ensure extended battery life, the watch will prompt users to switch to Extended Mode to reach 24 hours of battery life.


Design refinements, including a new Phone tile and the addition of contact avatars, allow for quick access to ongoing call status, previous call history and improved overall usability. Both Android and iPhone users can continue to answer tethered calls through exclusive work done by Fossil.

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