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Indian Cricket In Turmoil? BCCI Officials Slam Supreme Court-Constituted CoA

Indian Cricket In Turmoil? BCCI Officials Slam Supreme Court-Constituted CoA

CoA on Thursday decided to change the age-old tradition of the BCCI Secretary convening the selection committee meeting of the Indian team by handing the responsibility to the chief selector. And that has resulted in the delay of team selection for the West Indies tour

Committee of Administrators was constituted in 2017 under Supreme Court's directive. File Photo

The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) on Thursday decided that neither any office bearer nor the CEO shall attend any Cricket Committee meetings henceforth.

Till now, the Selection Committee had to keep the Secretary in the loop for any replacement sought or for posting of selectors to watch any game. But the CoA has decided otherwise and the move has stunned the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) office-bearers.

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In a damning retort to the CoA, a senior BCCI official reportedly told IANS "the new Constitution of the BCCI has been mandated by the Supreme Court and in that regard, it is correct that it must be followed. Why did it dawn on the CoA now after nearly about a year since it was registered? What triggered this awakening? Do they not know what is happening in the Board?"

It's like asking why the CoA took them a year to realise the rules and regulations of the constitution which was registered by the committee itself.

The official went on to add that if the constitution was indeed being followed, then the office bearers should also be allowed to work as per the new rules and regulations.

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"Do they also plan to allow the office bearers to work as per the new constitution or do they only wish to restrict? As per the new constitution, the office bearers are ex-officio members of the Apex Council and if the CoA think of themselves as the Apex Council, then in that role the office bearers who are also in a manner, court-appointed, must also be part of the meetings with their votes on these issues.

"It is clear that the office-bearers are not being allowed to function even as per the new constitution. So, it is basically the adoption of an arbitrary pick and choose policy by the CoA," he rued.

Echoing the sentiments, another official said that the CoA hasn't taken any step when it comes to the formation of the cricket committees and has only spoken of the steps they wish to take and have so far ignored the constitution and its regulations.

"If you see the other areas as well, it is the cricket committees that are tasked with selection, coaching and evaluation of team performances as per Rule 26 of the BCCI's new constitution but you have not seen that happening. You only hear about the CoA taking steps on these matters. Therefore, the CoA themselves have not been following the BCCI constitution.

"With regard to the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) as well, the SC had empowered the CoA to consult with the CAC till the elections take place to appoint selectors, which clearly meant that the existing CAC was to continue till the elections after which a new CAC would be constituted by the AGM who in turn would select the new selectors. But we are all aware that hasn't happened," the official pointed.

The CoA has said that the Selection Committee does not need any approval either from the Secretary or the CEO in relation to any selection made or change or replacement in the team. Also, the chairperson of the respective Selection Committees shall convene the meetings and not the Secretary.

The CoA made an exception in case of overseas tours wherein the administrative manager will be in charge of the meetings. The Secretary will get the signed minutes of the meeting to be kept for record purpose.

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