Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Aeroflot Open Chess Tournament: Indian Grandmaster Vaibhav Suri Upsets Top-Seed Vladislav Artemiev

Vaibhav Suri outlasted Vladislav Artemiev in a 71-move game of the Aeroflot Open chess tournament.


Indian Grandmaster Vaibhav Suri shocked top-seeded Russian Vladislav Artemiev in the 6th round of Aeroflot Open chess tournament, and was placed joint third.

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Azerbaijan's Rauf Mamedov settled for a draw with Manuel Petrosyan of Armenia and remained in lead with 5 points.

Sanan Sjugirov of Russia defeated his compatriot Vadim Zvjaginsev and was in second spot with 4.5 points alongside Turkey's Mustafa Yilmaz and Petrosyan.

Suri (Elo rating 2591) outlasted the higher-rated Artemiev (Elo 2728) in a 71-move game as the Russian's moderate tournament continued.

The victory took the 23-year old Indian to four points while the No.1 seed remained stuck on three.

A group of Indians including 13-year old Bharat Subramaniyam, B Adhiban, Aravindh Chithambaram, Arjun Erigaisi and Suri were behind the leading pack with four points.

Most of the Indian players including Adhiban, Subramaniyam, Chithambaram, the national champion and Karthikeyan Murali had to settle for draws.

Talented young GM R Praagnanandhaa (Elo 2602) recovered after a loss to Russian GM Mikhail Antipov by securing a draw with Sergey Grigoriants. He had three points after six rounds.

Important results of Aeroflot Open 'A' Group 6th round:

Rauf Mamedov (AZE) 5 drew with Manuel Petrosyan (ARM) 4.5; Sanan Sjugirov (RUS) 4.5 beat Vadim Zvjaginsev (RUS) 3.5; Bharat Subramaniyam (IND) 4 drew with David Paravyan (RUS) 4.

S P Sethuraman (IND) 3.5 drew with Aleksandr Shimanov (RUS) 3.5; B Adhiban (IND) 4 drew with Boris Savchenko (RUS) 4; Vladislav Artemiev (Russia) 3 lost to Vaibhav Suri (IND) 4.

SL Narayanan (IND) 3 drew with Dmitry Frolyanov (RUS) 3; R Praggnanandhaa (IND) 3 drew with Sergey Grigoriants (RUS) 3; N R Visakh (IND) 3.5 drew with Aleksandr Rakhmanov (RUS) 3.5; Aryan Chopra (IND) 3.5 drew with Karthikeyan Murali (IND) 3.5; Aravindh Chithambaram (IND) 4 drew with Pouya Idani 4; M Pranesh (IND) 3 drew with Abhimanyu Puranik (IND) 3.


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