August 01, 2021
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#SareeTwitter: Women Share Graceful Pictures Draped In Nine Yards

#SareeTwitter has been one of the top trends since Monday, Outlook too talks about different ways to drape a saree

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#SareeTwitter: Women Share Graceful Pictures Draped In Nine Yards
#SareeTwitter: Women Share Graceful Pictures Draped In Nine Yards

The uniqueness of sari is that you don’t need any specific size to wear it and that’s probably the beauty of the saree. So wear it however you like to, drape it around and play with it. On Monday, many were pleasantly surprised to see the hashtag #SareeTwitter trending on the microblogging website. By Tuesday morning, the site had been flooded with posts from people sharing their favourite saree pics using the hashtag. As #SareeTwitter and #SareeSwag continue to trend, celebrities and politicians have also joined the fun and are sharing their own pics in their favourite sarees.

Shiv Sena's Priyanka Chaturvedi shared not one, but four photos that show her in the traditional garment. Others who joined the saree bandwagon are BJP leader Nupur Sharma . Actress-politician Nagma also praised the versatility of the saree while sharing a picture which shows her wearing a beautiful yellow saree. There was a tweet of  Nirupama Menon Rao too with her friend Soundarie David Rodrigo draping a bright maroon sari with orange border.

Saree is actually one of the oldest traditional garments that has relevance today, the reason is simply because of its versatility and the freedom to explore various drapes, non-conformity in conformity.  It is the only attire that is inclusive of any body structure, size, shape or colour. Outlook too talks about unconventional ways to drape a saree.

Designer Sunita Shankar says, “In India traditionally the saree's  length, width varies and there are numerous ways to drape a sari varying from region to region. Hence working on drapes teaming and pairing with modern coordinates seems to be a natural progression process.”

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