January 25, 2021
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R.K. Narayan: Bibliography

A complete list of R.K. Narayan's work

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R.K. Narayan: Bibliography

1935  Swami and Friends
1937 The Bachelor of Arts.
1938 The Dark Room
1945 The English Teacher
1949 Mr. Sampath -The Printer of Malgudi
1952 The Financial Expert
1955 Waiting for the Mahatma
1958 The Guide
1962 The Man-Eater of Malgudi
1967 The Vendor of Sweets
1976 The Painter of Signs
1983 A Tiger for Malgudi
1986 Talkative Man
1990 The World of Nagaraj
1993 The Grandmother's Tale: Three Novellas

1974 My Days: A Memoir
1964 My Dateless Diary: An American Journey

Short Story Collections
1943 Malgudi Days
1943  Dodu and Other Stories
1945 Cyclone and Other Stories
1947 An Astrologer's Day and Other Stories
1956 Lawley Road and Other Stories
1970 A Horse and Two Goats
1982 Malgudi Days
1985 Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories

Collections of Stories, Essays and Sketches
1956 Next Sunday: Sketches and Essays
1974 Reluctant Guru
1988 A Writer's Nightmare: Selected Essays, 1958-1988
1989 A Story-Teller's World
1993 Salt and Sawdust: Stories and Table Talk

1939  Mysore, Government of Mysore, Mysore, 1939
1977 The Emerald Route (With Sketches by R.K Laxman)

Retellings of Epics and Folklore
1964 Gods, Demons and Others (with decorations by R.K Laxman)
1972 The Ramayana
1978 The Mahabharata
1995 The lndian Epics Retold (the above three books in an omnibus edition, with Sketches by R.K Laxman and Introduction by S. Krishnan), a Penguin India Tenth Anniversary Commemorative Edition, Viking, New Delhi, 1995.

1992 Malgudi Landscapes: The Best of R.K Narayan

Journal edited and published by R.K. Narayan
1941 Indian Thought, Vol.1, No.1, April-May-June.
1941 Indian Thought, Vol. 1, No. 2, July-August-September.
1941 Indian Thought, Vol.1, No.3, October-November-December.

Uncollected Contributions
Uncollected writings, including articles, reviews, skits and a one-act play titled Everest, published from 1932 in various publications including Indian Review, The Merry Magazine, The Madras Mail,Punch, The Hindu, The Times of lndia and The Illustrated Weekly.

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