Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

Otter PR: Story Behind The Creation Of A Revolutionary PR Firm

An entrepreneur and market expert, Jay Feldman was wise enough to give birth to his PR agency Otter PR considering the growing PR need within the market amidst the pandemic.

"I have always emphasized turning a disadvantage into an advantage, and that is what I have accomplished with Otter PR."

A Public Relations (PR) partner works as an assistant to convey credible brand information to the public through the right media channels. PR executives utilize the powerful tool of media to create a strong media presence for their clients. The emergence of the Covid19 pandemic made the business sector realize the need for formidable PR support to stay afloat in the competitive marketplace.

An entrepreneur and market expert, Jay Feldman was wise enough to give birth to his PR agency Otter PR considering the growing PR need within the market amidst the pandemic. When every other business was struggling to fight the unforeseen circumstances of a pandemic, Feldman made an intelligent move of capitalizing from the entire situation through his new-age PR firm. Here, he shares insights of forming his venture that speaks volumes of how the PR industry grew leaps and bounds with a few changes in its integral workings.

1. What was your moment of epiphany to start this venture?

After searching for a PR agency for months, only to find that every firm was outrageously expensive and did not guarantee results, I finally settled on a freelancer. I was moving with the sole goal of generating media coverage for my organization. Only the right PR strategy could help me find the media exposure I required to establish and guard my brand's reputation in the industry. However, it was a horrible experience finding a professional PR firm as they spent most of the time on strategy when I wanted to see results. Finally, instead of outsourcing PR support, I focused on executing PR services myself and did a much better job than the experienced publicists. That was my epiphany that the existing PR space needed to be disrupted.

2. How is Otter PR taking care of the modern-day requirements of the advancing world of Public Relations?

Otter PR focuses on relationships but, most importantly, on results. Most companies look for opportunities to obtain optimal press coverage, and we aim at providing them with adequate PR support. At the same time, we are transparent with whether or not a client is a good fit for media coverage and if we can get it for them. We focus on building relationships with the media and generating coverage at the same time. Our highly results-driven PR strategies assist businesses to garner a respectable image within their industry, which is what CEOs want in today's business world.

3. What is your firm's USP, and how are you doing something different from other players in the domain?

Unlike other firms, we focus on results and not just on building strategies. Without the best outcome, there is no point in running a PR campaign. We work month-to-month and guarantee success every single month. We take every possible measure to benefit our clients in upholding their credibility in their niche. We are also famous for turning away clients who do not have the story or expectations to do well. We have adopted this unique business approach so that our executives can focus on producing and delivering high-quality results consistently for our core clients.

4. What success mantra has led you to bring new services to the table effectively?

PR support has become priceless in the post-pandemic world when businesses are losing their foothold in the market. As a result-driven PR firm, we prioritize quality over quantity. We envisage producing high-end results for those companies which have enormous potential with unique services. Our PR executives believe in: Only sell it if you are confident that the client will get a real and measurable ROI.

5. Since you are scouting the field of PR, are there any specific prerequisites that a person needs to hold before entering the domain?

A person will need to be an expert storyteller to do well with our company. PR professionals require having superior analytical skills to analyze the organizations and locate the positive messages. Their storytelling skills come in handy with optimally translating those messages. They need to know what reporters and journalists will consider interesting and tell a story they want to report.

6. What are your plans to expand and grow your network and take Otter PR to new heights?

By vertically integrating, we are planning to expand and grow. We are adding an award company, a news publication, a crisis management firm, and an online reputation management firm under our Otter umbrella. Riding on such efficient services, we foresee delivering our clients measurable PR results through strategic public outreach and media relations.

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